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Post Posted on Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:12 pm

Spoiler: show
An excerpt from "An Overview of Gangs"

Generally, for purposes of this discussion, a gang can be considered to be a loosely organized group of individuals who collaborate together for social reasons. Modern day gangs now collaborate together for anti-social reasons. Gangs generally have a leader or group of leaders who issue orders and reap the fruits of the gang's activities. A gang may also wear their "colors", wear certain types of clothing, tattoos, brands, or likewise imprint their gang's name, logo, or other identifying marks on their bodies. Many gangs also adopt certain types of hairstyles and communicate through the use of hand signals and graffiti on walls, streets, school work, and school property. It must be understood that it is not illegal to be in a gang and indeed many adults are currently involved in activities that meet Webster's definition for a gang. However, many gangs of today, especially youthful gangs, break the law to provide funding for gang activities or to further the gang's reputation on the streets...

Sociologists as well as gang members have isolated the following reasons for joining a street gang:
# Identity
# Discipline
# Recognition
# Love
# Belonging
# Money
Feelings of fear, hatred, bigotry, poverty, disenfranchisement, and the general breakdown of social values are also considered motivations for joining a street group...

In order to better understand the gang mentality, the following are considered the "Three R's" of gang culture:

(1) REPUTATION/REP. This is of critical concern to "gangbangers" (gang members). A rep extends not only to each individual, but to the gang as a whole. In some groups, status (or rank) is gained within the gang by having the most "juice" based largely on one's reputation. While being "juiced" is very important, the manner by which the gang member gains the "juice" is just as important.
In many gangs, to become a member, you must be "jumped in" by members of the gang. This entails being "beaten down" until the leader calls for it to end. Afterwards, all gang members hug one another to further the "G thing". This action is meant to bond the members together as a family. Frequently, young gang members, whether hardcore or associate, will talk of fellowship and the feeling of sharing and belonging as their reason for joining a gang.

(2) RESPECT. This is something everyone wants and some gang members carry their desire for it to the extreme. Respect is sought for not only the individual, but also for one's set or gang, family, territory, and various other things, real or perceived in the mind of the "gangbanger".

Some gangs require, by written or spoken regulation, that the gang member must always show disrespect to rival gang members. (Referred to in gang slang as dis). If a gang member witnesses a fellow member failing to dis a rival gang through hand signs, graffiti, or a simple "mad dog" or stare-down, they can issue a "violation" to their fellow posse member and he/she can actually be "beaten down" by their own gang as punishment. After dis has been issued, if it is witnessed, the third "R" will become evident.

(3) RETALIATION/REVENGE. It must be understood that in gang culture, no challenge goes unanswered. Many times, drive-by shootings and other acts of violence follow an event perceived as dis. A common occurrence is a confrontation between a gang set and single rival "gangbanger." Outnumbered, he departs the area and returns with his "homeboys" to complete the confrontation to keep his reputation intact. This may occur immediately or follow a delay for planning and obtaining the necessary equipment to complete the retaliatory strike.

In gangbanging, today's witness is tomorrow's suspect, is the next day's victim.

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Post Posted on Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:36 pm

Table of Contents

1. Banner/title
2. TOC <- You are here
3. Introduction / Story
4. Rules
5. Misc. Info / FAQ
6. Characters
7. The Story So Far
8. News/Announcements
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Post Posted on Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:55 pm

Look, listen to my voice
If you're making the choice
Tell me all the girls and the boys
Either scream or rejoice
Let's make that noise
Either move or we will all be destroyed

Enter the rival gangs, Electronica and NuMetal, the members of each labeled Elecs and Nus, respectively.

They're fighting over the Musica territory - a country that has banned music in all forms. Singing? No. Humming? Gone.
Any remote relationship to music is quickly silenced and the perpetrator forcefully detained.

Move and show me what you can do
When you step into the circle and shake like we do
Move when you just can't take it
And move if you just feel like breaking it

Most citizens of Musica have not heard music at all in their lifetimes, and when faced with it consider it the devil's work, or horrific in nature. They cover their ears and cry. Music hurts Native Musicians' ears.

The bordering countries, Indie, Emo, and Headphone, are currently walled off from Musica, much like East and West Germany once were.

While Indie and Emo have an unfound hate for Musica, Headphone has a neutral ground on the matter. These years are deeply routed with rumors of an upcoming war, all based on a few notes strung from a guitar.

Can you hear me? Stop, look, listen to my voice,
It was never my choice to feel all alone
This is my home
Back up , you don't know if you've never been here,
You've never been to the place inside, I face my fears
It takes everything I am

Needless to say, a few of the residents in Musica know what music is and wish to embrace it. Headphone illegally provides Musica residents with CDs, CD Players, mp3s and their players, Tapes and their players, as well as even earlier findings such as 8-tracks and records. Additionally, instruments are also Jacked from Headphone and sold through the hands of the Nus and Elecs.

The Nus specialize in Media, while the Elecs concentrate moreso on instruments and how to use them. These gang bangers all love what they do and the money that comes from it. Despite what the main populace may believe, the gangs have never taken their music wares for granted, and ultimately simply wish to overthrow the corrupt government of Musica, known as Metallica.

Approximately one hundred years a go, The Metallica founded The Mute Movement, which was essentially the downfall of all audio. Within this movement, agents, labeled as Clefs find and destroy music as well as those who distribute and own it.

Because of this, Nus and Elecs are outlaws, and any known members should be reported to Clefs immediately to be processed and either reformed or destroyed.

Reformation is achieved by injecting a neurotoxin into your system that makes it impossible to hear any sort of tempo or music. You can discern human speech, but that's about it. Most gang bangers would rather kill themselves than turn, essentially, deaf.

Move and show me what you can do
When you step into the circle and shake like we do
Move when you just can't take it
And move if you just feel like breaking it

Move and show me what you can do
When you step into the circle and shake like we do
Move when you just can't take it
And move if you just feel like breaking it

But, there is still hope. There's been hushed rumors of The DJ, a juice that can not only restore a reformed Musician, but grants the user impervious to any reformation in the future.

The DJ, if found, could be a severe threat to the Metallica, as well as grant the gang who finds it impenetrable power.

The gang with the juice wins Musica. And once Musica is won, they can run their world as they please, without a rival gang being in their way. A revolution will come.

If you come near me, stop, look, listen to my voice
If you're making the choice tell all the girls and the boys
Either scream or rejoice
Let's make that noise
Either move or we will all be destroyed
Back up and let go if you've never been here,
You've never been to the place inside, I face my fears,
It takes everything I am

But there's a problem: No one knows where it is.

Ryan ("Rye"), the head of the Nus, is said to have an older brother that is a Clef. The Elecs don't know if this information is true, but assume it to be. The Nus are never given clarification on the matter, since whenever Ryan's older brother is brought up, someone gets the beatdown. Because of this, suspicions arise.

On the other hand, Electronica's leader, Rachel ("Tabitha") had a relationship(or friendship) with Ryan at one time. In fact, it was rumored that it was a rumble in between the two that brought about rival gangs. Both the Elecs and Nus have been running for at least five years.

Those who know the true story behind the separation between the once-uniform gang(known as Nausicaa) into the separate factions have been sworn into secrecy(at least on the NuMetal side of things).

Move and show me what you can do
When you step into the circle and shake like we do
Move when you just can't take it
And move if you just feel like breaking it

I come crashing to the floor
And I know there must be more like me
I've seen this all before, I can't carry this anymore, break free
Breath, and leave until the storm is over
'Cause underneath, there's a diamond passing over
So breath, let's leave until the storm is over,
Because I want to take you away

To join the gang(or hear music, if you are a native musician) you must be processed.

Being processed consists of two separate, but equally important parts:

# The Beat-in. Much like traditional gangs, there will be a beat-in for a prospective gang member or someone wishing to listen to music without enduring the pain that comes form being a native Musician. The beat-in consists of the prospective being beaten by the gang members and observed by the leader. During this time, the prospective is not allowed to fight back, forced to simply endure.
If they pass this, they are considered 'worthy' of being granted the privilege of music.

# Tempo Control. After the wounds have been treated from the beat-in, usually on the next day(very rarely the same day) Tempo Control takes place. Tempo control is a surgery needed by native musicians only. A Native Musician has an extra piece in their ear called The Tie, which vibrates so much when anything other than a human voice is heard, that it causes headaches(and thus their hate of music). The surgery to remove this is called Tempo Control. It is a relatively simple procedure, but one that has been so tight-lipped, that the only way to find out how to do one is through a gang.

Additionally, there more than likely may be a fee that comes with being processed, especially if you are not joining the gang. In many circumstances, you can not be processed or Tempo Controlled without helping the gang in some way.

Once within the gang, you are given the rules and regulations of the new family you have admitted yourself into, as well as an initiatory mission, in some cases to prove you are not a Clef or narc.

After these introductory practices, you are considered part of the family and are to be protected under that gang. In most cases, you disown you original family to become a part of the Elecs or Nus. After substantial trust is gained, you can begin to learn the trade secrets and start dealing or selling.

You do not actually participate in any of the Headphone Jacks unless you are of very high status.

Move and show me what you can do
When you step into the circle and shake like we do
Move when you just can't take it
And move if you just feel like breaking it
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Post Posted on Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:03 pm

Spoiler: show
An excerpt from "Graffiti Interpretation".

Urban street gang graffiti is the most common way for gangs to communicate their message. Organized graffiti is one of the first signs that street gangs are taking hold in your neighborhood and is also an excellent way to track gang growth, affiliation, and sometimes even provides membership information.

Graffiti serves several purposes, all of which is understood by other "gangbangers," even members of rival sets. Graffiti has been called the newspaper or bulletin boards for gangs and communicates many messages, including challenges, warnings, and pronouncements of deeds accomplished or about to occur...

Some graffiti is nothing more than "tagging." An example of this is "Johnny loves Mary". Police departments and school officials should be sure someone within their respective departments develops an expertise in reading and understanding graffiti.

Disclaimer: I am new to gang rps, and this is my first one. So some rules may be changed/added. If you have more experience than me feel free to PM with suggestions/critique.
Also note that a spoiler tag has been used below simply to save space. Please read ALL the rules!

Spoiler: show
# Joining in general: PM me the bio, but you can start RPing immediately. This goes for gang members, civilians seeking to be gang members, regular civilians, and regular clefs(that are not of some special rank). If your character doesn't fit into any of those categories then you have to PM me the bio and wait for me to approve it before you can roleplay.

# Everyone is free to start out as either a gang member, a civilian, or someone wishing to join a gang. If you have been a part of the gang for a while, you should PM a history of what has happened that is separate to your character bio to the gang leader of your gang. For example, if you bio says you have a scar on your arm but you don't detail it and it means something significant, you should PM how you got that scar to your gang leader. Just because you're a civilian doesn't mean you have to be a regular person. "Civilian" just means you're neither clef nor gang member. *hinthint*

# Solia Rules, ToS, etc., etc.

# Romance of any kind is accepted, even inter-gang romance. However, please know that if you have a relationship with someone outside of your gang that it will be not only extremely taboo, but may end up costing your life and/or hearing. Both gangs are capable of performing the reformation procedure as the ultimate form of punishment and banishment.

# Real, believable humans only. No inter-species, special powers... Stuff. Clefs are like the police. They bust you for music as well as other law-breaking activity. Gang members are normal people, so are native musicians.

# Spies. Spies are accepted on both ends. You may be a clef invading a gang, or a gang member that is also a clef. Bios must be approved before you can post. Put "<gang name> Clef" as your affiliation. All Clef and gang rules apply(meaning age limitations, etc).

# Clefs and The Metallica. The Metallica is kind of run in the background. However, if you wish to be a normal Clef trying to arrest/detain/reform gang members, be my guest. Just PM the bio to me(Q) and you can roleplay even before I read it.

# Technology. Musica is just like our world, and in some respects may be more advanced- it just doesn't have music. That means, swords aren't really going to be a cool fighting weapon. More like guns, fists, knives, etc. While the Nus and Elecs are not necessarily violence-minded, mob mentality does happen, and it could end badly.

# Killing. Some characters may be killed. Some characters may be killed via one hit(afterall, these are guns we're talking about). Fighting posts must take the form of you are attacking AT someone, so you can give the other person a chance to respond.

For example: "User A dropkicks user B" isn't good. "User A dropped down to kick user B" is good. Wording and semantics are important, but only for fighting posts.

One hit kills can go as follows:
"User A aims his gun at User B's head. Pulling the trigger, if it hit it's mark, brains would fly everywhere" would be an example of a one-hit kill. Obviously if someone doesn't want their character dead in this RP, you must give them some sort of chance to respond.

No crazy dodging of bullets could ever happen(Bullets move way too fast), but User B could always "In that precise moment, s/he noticed that his/her spraycan had dropped under the car, so s/he bent down to get it. And once s/he did, s/he heard a gun bullet pierce through the windshield." or something similar. A weird coincidence like that.

Of course, if you're not in a situation where you can 'dodge' like that, you're pretty much dead.

If you are cornered like this, and you really do not want to die, see if you can PM the guy killing you and see if you can work out a deal so he doesn't kill your character. If not, I'm sorry, but you're dead. You may rejoin the RP as another character if you wish. PMing a character you want to kill off is common courtesy. Not required, but, be courteous, people.

# Multiple characters. You may play as many characters as you wish.

# Weapons. You are limited to one seen weapon and one concealed on your person. Please keep what you carry realistic. You can't conceal nor carry around a bazooka all the time.

# Characters' age limitations. You characters can be any age or gender for a normal civilian, any gender but 14 - 28 for a gang member, any gender but 20+ to be a Clef.

# Schools/jobs. To keep a low profile, younger gang members go to school and older ones maintain real jobs. Nobody wants to be caught by a Clef. While respect is demanded from gang bangers, they should not go out of their way to promote their relationship. If you do, you'll get caught, and nobody wants to be reformed.

# Dissing. When in the vicinity of a rival gang-member, if you don't dis them in some manner, you will be punished. Punishment varies between gangs, but it's a customary thing to dis the rival every time you see them.

# Violence. As previously stated, the gangs are not overtly violent toward eachother but fights do happen. Planned fights are rare, most things that happen are personal quarrels between two rivals or 2 - 3 people within the same gang over a disagreement. Rarely does someone pull a gun - it's a last resort, as it pulls attention toward you. Clefs could be anywhere.

# Selling/Dealing. Elecs sell mostly instruments, and Nus mostly media. There is some interjection between the two, however(meaning, some Nus sell a very small amount of instruments, some Elecs sell a specific set of CDs or something...).

Selling music works almost in the same fashion as drugs in this common age. The dealer waits somewhere, and the buyers come to them. Because most music-related things are large, buyers usually give an address and the name of what they want. The next day, that product will magically appear at their doorstep. This is called Delivery. Usually new or young members are sent to do this, and it involves breaking into a home and putting the product in there.

In rare cases, a dealer might wait near a warehouse or abandoned building with the supplies on site. Usually, the warehouses are not where deals take place since this is the headquarters for gang activity. Since these places are so easily found, HQ moves every month or so to a new area.

# Posting. You must post paragraphs, and it must be related to music in some way. Your post can either have a music accompaniment(like the intro post to this RP), the character could be listening to music, and the lyrics posted somewhere in your post, or the character could be citing the lyrics. Music played in the background is also acceptable. An inside joke dealing with music could also suffice. For instance, I named the countries with words that have to do with music. Being "emo" is no longer what it used to mean, it's just like being "american". Coming up with something similar in your post can work.

You do not need to cite all the lyrics to a song, some choruses and refrains can be annoying. Usually it is much easier to just kind of visualize a 'theme song' for your post, and make a written music video. In old days, some stories were written like this, and they were called 'song fics'. I don't know if these still exist or if they changed names, though.

You do not have to credit the song or artist, but if you can make it fit with your post, that'd be cool. You could also make it a part of a post style if you wish. But you should change the song/lyrics every post or so.

I realize some posts may be very short or not warrant a whole 2 - 3 minute scripted music video of their own, so it's not necessary to have a song in every post, put shoot for most of them.

# Post Styles. You don't need them. But if you want one, I'd suggest the character's name and their affiliation. You can put lyrics in a post style for the 'theme' for that post and to keep in the 'music theme' rule, but you should change the lyrics every post or so. If your post is especially long, it would be nice to add a tl;dr or summary inside of a spoiler tag at the end so it's easier for people to catch up when they don't have time to read the entire thing. But, again, this is not required.

# Don't puppet anyone else. Puppeting is moving someone else's character without their permission.
(you CAN however, create NPCs[for a deal or something to pass time]. If you don't know what this means, then don't create one. But you can ask me to explain it via PM or something, if you wish.)

# Q(the GM) is god. I may timelapse if needed. I may puppet your character if needed during these time lapses. I will attempt to move your character how you would have. If I do something with your character that they absolutely never would've done, tell me and I will change it.

# Tattoos/markings. When instated into the Nus, you'll receive a tattoo on your right shoulder. It is the flat sign.(Image) It's pretty small and ambiguous, and can also be easily be mistaken for the letter "b", which is why it is used instead of something more noticeable. Older members who originate from Nausicaa have the treble clef, instead(Image). This sign was abandoned when the gangs split. The Elecs have sharps(#) on their left shoulder.

# If you have to leave the internet/rp for an extended period of time, or wish to quit the RP, TELL ME! If you leave the RP, just kill yourself off or something, and if you leave for an extended period of time, try to make some sort of excuse that will get your character away from the current happenings. This will help us all greatly in the end, thank you.

# Post at least once a week. If you can't do that, see above. If you have left someone waiting for longer than 7 days, I will NPC your character and I may kill you off and/or kick you out. Be aware.

# Keep OOC separated from IC. But that's a given. The OOC thread is here.

# Relationships with other players are highly encouraged. Form alliances, friendships, rivals, etc., with other players of this roleplay through PMs or the OOC thread. When thinking of sending in bios, PM other people to be family members or to have had similar pasts. This entire roleplay is open and anything can happen. Please communicate with eachother your ideas.

# Character Profiles/Bios. I'm sure you're all wondering exactly what needs to be in those bios I keep telling you to PM me.

Well, here it is:
Code: Select all
[color=darkblue][b]Character Name:[/b]
[/color][b]User Name:[/b]
[color=darkblue][b]Affiliation:[/b] (gang/Clef/civilian. If a gang member, which one? If trying out for a gang, put civilian seeking <gang name>)
[/color][b]Bio:[/b] (A little bit about your character. Appearance, history, likes, dislikes, etc., whatever. Please include whether s/he goes to school or has a job, and if a job, what is it? This doesn't have to be long.)

Please PM this with the subject line of "Jack App".
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Post Posted on Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:04 pm

(Please note-- Spoiler tags are used here simply to save space, unless otherwise noted)

More information about Clefs?
Spoiler: show
Clefs are like police. You've got your traffic patrol, gang patrol, etc., etc., SWAT and FBI. The umbrella term for them all is 'clef'. They work for the government. You know how sometimes USA's government is called US Legislature? Well, in this world, it's "Metallica". So you can use metallica and government interchangeably, and people will know what's going on.

What kind of timeline are we working on?
Spoiler: show
The Metallica's really uptight. They pretty much redefined the world during the Mute Movement, and thus have changed the date system. While this world pretty much resembles our 2006+, right now we are in "101 AM", which is, 101 years 'after mute'. The mute movement first appeared in 0 AM/PM, and likewise, anywhere pre-movement, is whatever year PM.

More information about the Tie and Tempo Control?
Spoiler: show
Ties are an extra piece of a native musician's inner ear. When a musician is born, it is customary to put this piece in their ear, and it is the law to do so. People who move into Musica obviously do not have this piece, but would get it as part of their citizenship(If they are under 5 years old when they come in).

This stated, if your character meets those requirements, they have a Tie. Even if they are a clef.

Now, about Tempo Control- this is basically a process where you sedate a person and stick a pair of scissors in their ear and cut the Tie from underneath the skin it's grown under within the ear canal. The gang leaders know this surgery quite well, and pick very few people to teach it to. Both gang leaders haven't taught anyone the procedure.

The Gang's history(Nausicaa)?
(contains info no 'normal' characters would know)
Spoiler: show
In a really brief nutshell, Rachel(now known as Tabitha) came to Ryan(nicknamed Rye) with music. Rye loved it so they started a charity effort to bring music to Musica. Rye's family is a family of government. His brother was a lawyer and the rest of Rye's family were pretty much government officials in one way or another.
Rye and Rachel got into a lot of trouble, but because of Rye's family backing, they tended to get off easily because they were only kids...

Nausicaa became an actual gang some time after that, but a peaceful one that was only dedicated to bringing music to the country. Eventually, they couldn't handle the expenses, and so Rachel brought up the idea of charging for the instruments. Rye begrudgingly agreed, as long as there was no profit. Soon afterward, Rye discovered that Rachel had risen the prices to a point where the gang gained an enormous amount of profit, and that was where Rye drew the line. He left Rachel in a fit of rage, and one of the members of Nausicaa reported him to the clefs.

Rye was detained for a year, but his older brother(the lawyer) managed to get him out. Ryan's brother was fired from his job because of this effort to help Rye, and thus is now the head chief of the clefs in the district who's only ambition is to shatter the Music trade.
Rye was under the impression that it was Rachel who told the clefs about him and not one of his/her members, so made it his mission to spite her and get her back with his own gang. Some members sided with him in the matter and thus left Nausicaa to form NuMetal, and Rachel's side eventually changed their name to Electronica. Since the breakup, Rachel doesn't allow people to call her by her original name, and instead goes by the name Tabitha, or Tabby for short.

Rye has a zero-tolerance policy about talking what happened. If anyone brings it up, he'll likely beat them. Tabitha, on the otherhand, is more lenient, but only with older members who were a part of Nausicaa; she doesn't appreciate lower ranks or newer members spreading rumors.

Explain how music affects people with Ties, and the laws regarding music?
Spoiler: show
When someone who has a Tie listens to music, it gives them a headache dependent on volume and bass. So if they have the volume down low, it will be irritating, and if it's blasting, they will either have a migraine or temporarily stunned.

So, yes, in this manner, if you were to blast music at a clef(who has a Tie; some may not if they're not native) you could get away quickly.

As far as the laws concerning music go, it's not tolerated. You pretty much are set with a strike policy and sort of clef record(like a police record).

If you're wearing headphones, you could claim you don't know what they are, and just say you bought them off the street thinking they were a fancy headband, as long as it wasn't connected to anything. This may be a warning if you look innocent enough, but could end up with a ticket or a fee.
If you're actually caught with something that plays music, for example, an instrument, CD Player, mp3 player, etc., the item is confiscated and destroyed, and you're vigorously questioned with a high possibility of jail time for a few months or more depending on which offense of your's it is and what item(A guitar would warrant more jail time than an mp3 player).

If you hum or sing in a public place, then you're given a warning or ticket or possibly a fee, but on the third account you are Reformed.

If you're suspected to be assisting in the illegal music trade, or a gang member, you are immediately detained and questioned regarding to your trade(even if there is no evidence). If you give up who you're with and identities, you will be Reformed and allowed to live your life. If you refuse to cooperate, you'll be allowed a trial, but with a jury of clefs and not peers. If you have a good lawyer, you can still get out, but you need a really, really good lawyer to convince the jury.

Even if you are deemed innocent, you have to stay in jail for a year(although this can be counted while awaiting trial instead of after it). If you are found guilty from the trial you are put to death.

Do the gangs have colors, signs, uniforms, tags?
Spoiler: show
In short, no. Graffiti isn't really used that much by the gangs, since the risk is so great for being caught. Elecs and Nus are somewhere in-between the mafia, who run full-out operations, and gangs, who just do it because they can. Because of this, there are some things that have begun to die out.

Rye and the Nus tend to take things more seriously whereas the Elecs have a more laid-back attitude about how gangs and jacks should be held.

For signs, there's devilhorns which show love for music, but that was pretty much a given. ;p

What's the deal with the quotes/spoilers in each informational post?
Inside the beginning spoilers are facts about real gangs from various websites I went to to, well, research gangs. There's nothing really needed in those posts aside from some insight. So you don't have to label your character as 'hardcore' member or anything. xP

However, any other spoilers are used generally to save space. Otherwise, the first page was HUGE and I'm kind of obsessive about too-small scrollbars.

Coming up with song lyrics for every post is really hard!
Spoiler: show
OMG yes. Yes it is.
Every post I make it's getting harder and harder to come up with a song to use, so here's some food for thought:

- You can use the same song someone else did
- You can combine songs
- You can skip verses and use only lyrics you need
- If you have some sort of tie-in to music, like a joke or something, it will be okay if you don't have a song in your post(Like how this entire RP pokes fun at music- the government being metallica, a country being named Emo!).
- If you can't find a song, think of the main idea for your post and put it into google. For example, if you're going to fight someone, you could go to google and type in "fight lyric" or "brawl lyric" or "gunfight lyric" or even "gun lyric".

What kind of cities are there in Musica?
Spoiler: show
Clef headquarters is in O Town, the largest city in Musica.
The Nus mainly reside in Linkin Park, while the Elecs take over Björk, both of which are counties within O Town.

World Map?
Spoiler: show
How about Informational introduction video? I made it years back as a mock movie trailer.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask via PM or the OOC thread.
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Post Posted on Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:05 pm

Spoiler: show
An Excerpt from "Gangs!"
Gang structure.

# O.G.s, original gangster. They are in it forever.

# Hardcore. Comprise approximately 5-10% of the gang. These are the die-hard gangsters, who thrive on the gang's lifestyle and will always seek the gang's companionship. The hardcore gangsters will most always be the leaders and without them the gang may fall apart. The gang's level of violence will normally be determined by the most violent hardcore members. They are usually the shooters.

# Regular Members (or Associates). Usually range from 14 to 17 years old; their jobs are robbing and stealing. They are money oriented. They are initiated into the gang and will back up the "hardcore" gang members. If they stay in the gang long enough, they will become hardcore. They usually join the gang for status and recognition. They will wear gang colors, attend gang functions, and may even participate in some gang related criminal activity all to fulfill their emotional need of belonging.

# Wanna-be's. Usually 11 to 13 years old; their jobs are tagging and stealing. They are not yet initiated into the gang, but hang around with them and usually will do most anything the gang members ask of them so that they may prove themselves worthy of belonging.

How to treat a gangster?

Treat them with kindness and respect and they will treat you the same way. It is all about respect. If you have a problem with them, you will accomplish more by talking nice to them and trying to get them to see your position than by being rude, disrespectful, or intimidating.

Remember that the "Real Gangsters" do have standards they live by. Their code of ethics are: Never mess with small children, old people, religious people, or innocent people. It is the "scavengers or wannabes" that act without remorse or guidelines in most cases. I have found that for that reason, the hardcore gangsters are willing to work with people like myself to get these scavengers out of the gang life. They have a tendency to cause more trouble and attention than they are worth.

Character bios were listed in rules. Please read all of those before joining. To join, fill out the form and PM it to me. Unless you are a spy or Ryan's brother, you may begin RPing as soon as you PM me, and do not have to wait for me to respond. (Please note-- Spoiler tags are used simply to save space.)


Spoiler: show
Character Name: Ryan or Rye
User Name: Q
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Nu Leader
Bio:Ryan was once the co-founder of a gang named Nausicaa, which helped musicians hear and love music. However, something happened that's been kept under wraps between him and the Elec leader, allowing them to split and make rival gangs approximately five years a go. Since then, the pure intentions are still there but not as evident as the war between them and the search for The DJ.

Ry is rather laid back when it comes to leading, and considers all his Nus very close family. However, he's very touchy on some subjects, such as his blood relatives and his past. It is rumored that his older brother is a Clef.

Ry has dirty blonde hair that's short in front but goes down at an angle toward his shoulders in the back. He wears biking gloves, black or blue jeans and either a white t-shirt or a wifebeater with a black open jacket over it. He plans jacks, but rarely deals. Ryan mostly tries to gather information about where the DJ may be, what territory he may be able to gain from the Elecs easily, and watches over initiations as well as help preform Tempo Changes and first-aid.

He can tune guitars, but otherwise seems to only listen to music through noise-proof headphones at very low volume, and doesn't seem to ever hum or sing along. While this seems peculiar, his love for music is still clearly visible by anyone he comes into contact with. His day job is a librarian at Musica Central. Image

Character Name: Jaclyn Rivers
User Name: The Lazy Marionette
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Nu Member
Bio: Jaclyn has been a part of the NuMetal gang for so long she hardly remembers what life was before it. Although she has some seniority within the gang, she mostly runs errands. Being the vice president of a shipping company allows her valuable access to places outside of Musica, but leaves her limited time for gang related activities. However, as with most members, the Nus come before all else. She has established herself as a reliable member that will always get the job done in the time frame given, making her the perfect errand runner.

A few years ago a man managed to get her pregnant and run away at the first hint of the news. While hatred for the father remains in her heart it is hidden by the love of her three-year-old, Angela. Everything about Jaclyn softens when her daughter is around, but otherwise she is a person of little emotion. Being strict and punctual leads her to hardly ever smile or understand jokes. She isn't the type to be friendly or unfriendly, almost a robotic personality.

Jaclyn has short blonde hair and chestnut colored eyes. She stands at only 5'3" and has a slender figure. Jaclyn is usually found dressed in pant suits and even when she's dressed casually, she's wearing heels and slacks. Although this young woman has seemed to forgotten what the word 'fun' is all about, she's accomplished quite a bit at only the age of 24.

Character Name: Penelope "Piper " Northridge
User Name:genewen_elfen
Age: 20
Affiliation: Nu member
Bio: Piper wasn't born into what you would call a well to do family. They've never been the richest, well, not in money anyway. The thing that Piper's family treasured more than anything was their history, their family, and music. For her family, a family of musicians, silently rebelled against the Mute Movement, choosing instead to hide their instruments, rebuking them in public while telling their children of the wonder of it. They did what they could, even saving enough money to get their children Tempo Controlled.

Piper was tired. Sick and tired of the hypocritical nature of her family. She couldn't pretend at school that she wouldn't rather be at home, playing her electric guitar, or listening to music on her ipod. She had even almost gotten caught a couple of times, to the chagrin of her family. She was "the rebel" for not wanting to live as her family did for 101 years, silently treasuring music while also engulfing themselves in a society where it was illegal.

Piper never really did fit in, no matter how. She was never the most popular, or the prettiest. It didn't really matter. Her attitude and fiery temper never really helped either. She liked to keep her purple-dyed hair cropped short, and rarely shows her truly blond hair.

She decided that after she graduated on her nineteenth birthday, sh would do it, she would set all doubts aside and join a gang. And she did, though decided not to tell her family about it. It's the only place she could truly find peace, other than her small dorm she thankfully got alone. She's studying mathematics, the only thing in school that actually made sense to her.

Character Name: Jeremy Claremont
User Name: The Lazy Marionette
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Clef/NuMetal (spy)
Bio: Jeremy is a master of personalities. This was one of the reasons he was targeted for the spy program set in place by Metallica. He's been undercover in the NuMetal gang since the beginning. To those in the gang that ask his job, he replies that he's an accountant. This isn't all untrue. When he was only a clef, all he was doing was running numbers. Somehow he'd managed to stand out to one of the higher ups.

Jeremy stands at about 6' 4" and weighs 200 lbs. His muscle is rather defined, but not bulging. He works out at the gym every morning to remain toned. His physique is mostly a precaution if he's found out. As a part of the program he was put through, he's been taught in hand to hand combat, but not much else. While he can appear threatening if he wants, he doesn't have much to back it up.

Character Name: Chloe Welter
User Name: Asynja
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Affiliation: NuMetal
Bio: Chloe was born in Musica and raised as a true musician, despite her parents originally came from Indie. Why they decided to move to a place that has banned music, is something she'll never have an answer to, even though she's often wondered since her parents told her "fairytales" about music.

She lives like any normal musician would in her opinion. A silent life. She doesn't talk much, she doesn't argue much, she doesn't do much at all. The only things she does a lot of are reading, excersising and working. She finds that those three things passes time rather well. And books are a chance to escape the otherwise so dull days of working in a shoe store and part-time at an old thrift store.

The reason she's seeking out the Nu's is that she accidentally hit a note one day. She was just on a lunch break, and drank some soda from a bottle of glass. She sighed and the air flowed into the bottle, creating a sound. She didn't know what it was but at first it hurt her ears a little, but as time passed she started to wonder what it was. Was that what music sounds like?

Chloe is about 5'6" tall, with short and messy raven hair, green eyes with a blue hue to them and a fit build. She usually wears dark sweatpants and a black or dark colored T-shirt with some kind of more colorful, almost neon, print on it and a black hoodie over that. She rarely wears any other kind of shoes than sneakers.


Spoiler: show
Character Name: Rachel Tabitha Willows (prefers being referred to as Tabitha or Tabby since the split in gangs; Few people are allowed to call her Rachel)
User Name:Darkening Dawn
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Electronica Leader
Bio: In the beginnings of her involvement with music, she was a founding member of a group known as Nausicca, but eventually split to form the group now known as Electronica. The drive to provide music to people is still evident, though the drive for her to make a profit is also obvious. She sees this need for funding the organization as a necessity, a means to the end unspecified, which she has only shared with those that are exceedingly high in status in the gang.

'Tabitha' is very involved with Electronica. She often participates in jacks and enjoys it, even, when the Clefs get involved. In a way, it's seen as a challenge, though there is always a fear that someone will get caught. While she watches the beatings that come from being initiated in to the gang, she doesn't participate in the First Aid aspect of the beat-ins. She performs the Tempo Control procedure as needed, this being the only 'medical procedure' that she'll get involved with.

Her attitude can be best described as one full of 'piss and vinegar'. She can get loud, irate, and angry, but still maintains an almost affectionate air around people that have proven their worth. Finding the DJ will gain ultimate respect from her, and a seat of power with the reformation. Her clothing outside of the Elects is rather bland and boring, usually consisting of a long sleeved shirt to hide her identifying tattoos, pants or capri shorts (depending on if she is working at the time or not), and average accessories, sometimes a simple bracelet or gold hoop earrings. Her job outside of the Elects is that of an architect, designing buildings and interior spaces, which means she often has to dress professionally. When she is out with the Elects, her style changes dramatically, to what could be described as a mixture of punk rock and heavy metal. More earrings, studded pieces of clothing, leather, and red contacts to complete her look (and double as a means of covering her natural eye color, which is green).

Her love of music runs deep. She plays a bass guitar often, and loves blaring her music whenever possible, preferring the heavier stuff to the lighter, classicals. If she is listening to classic music, it's a sign of depression. Her amp, she often says, is her truest friend.

Character Name: Brielle Reimi
User Name: [Harley Quinn]
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Elec member
Bio: Brielle was once a member of Nausicaa, way back in the day before the Nus and the Elecs were born. She had once been friends with both co-founders, but when the old gang split up, she had made her choice to stick with the one person she could call a friend and a sister.

To make sure the lower level members know their place with her, she goes by her full name. To the ones who gained her respect, Romi is was they can call her. To anyone from the old gang, Brie or Doreimi are her favorite nicknames. She's not big on being a rules kind of girl, but there are times when they have to be followed and that's when she can become cold and impersonal.

Brielle is about five foot four with long raven locks and pale, porcelain skin. The most striking thing about her are her eyes. Ice blue and deadly chilly, one looks can send shivers down anyone's spine. They're so pale, they almost look white in certain light. Other than her eyes, one way to tell Brielle from the rest is the navy blue flower with black feathers hair accessory she wears. It's almost like her signature.

When she's not with the Elecs, Brie is more than likely at her day job. She runs a clothing boutique and loves it there. Clothes are a girl's best friend after all. High quality stuff for a cheap price is what she had aimed for when she had started the shop. It's about twenty minutes for the Elecs hangout, so she never worries about being late. Not when she gets to choose when her shop is open.

Character Name: Wilde Raue Mord
User Name: jjjjklp
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Electronica
Bio: Wilde is loner. She came to Musica with her mother from Headphone at the age of ten. She never lost her ability to hear music and has a great love for it. Wilde's mother also had a love for music, one that was so great, she tattooed the treble clef on her ankle and Wilde's. Wilde is enrolled into school, and is quite sharp for her age.

Wilde is a small, slight girl. She barely reaches the height of 4'11. She has long, fiery red hair that falls down her back in curly waves. Her skin is pale, her large green eyes striking. She wears a black shirt with sleeves that reach her elbows and skinny black jeans. Wilde has tall, black combat boots that reach just below her knees. She hides a long dagger in her left boot, a mp3 in the other. She wears black headphones, claiming to Clefs that she needs to use them to tame her unruly hair.

Wilde is quite the little actress, easily putting on shows for people. She is manipulative at times, but only when necessary. Wilde normally keeps an innocent, childish act on, playing her smallness to her benefit.

Character Name: Niall Myers
User Name:genewen_elfen
Age: 22
Affiliation: Electronica
Bio: Niall was raised to be a law-abiding citizen, for his dad is a clef, his mom an attorney that deals with gang and music-related cases everyday. Though his parents were always cramming down his throat that music was a vile thing, a stain on the history of Musica, it was never like that. It was more like an enigma.

He found it strange that no one would ever talk about it, or if the subject ever did come up, people would look anxiously from side to side and change the subject.

Also, if music was so bad, why did they have to put something in your ear to tell you it was bad. He told as much to his mom when he was 6. She looked at him in that way adults did to make you feel smaller or dumber than you really are and said,"Music is a deadly, addictive habit. It makes people feel things, think things not their own. It tends to bring about changes in people that can't be explained. Almost like a drug. That's why you have to stay away from temptation Niall." And he never really thought of it again.

Until one day late at night he decided to take a walk and saw a shady figure drop a parcel on a doorstep. Not even a second later, a person, one he recognized from school, peeked out, an indescribable expression on his/her face, a mixture of relief, anxiety, and jubilation.

He never asked the kid what that package was. He didn't get the chance to. The next day, clefs filed into their classroom and without ceremony pointed out the child and took him out of the classroom. But he didn't scream. He didn't say a word he looked done in. But then, he took out a rectangular piece of metal, put his lips into, and started to blow. It was a strange feeling, one that was both pleasant and unpleasant. And the kid's expression took up a countenance of peace. Before a clef knocked him out, confiscated his instrument, for it had to be one, and dragged him off to his doom.

Ever since his whole thought about it changed. How could that kid be so calm in the face of his own demise? What was it about instruments. He remembered what his mother had said, about it being a drug, and he thought, I want to get hooked.

He usually likes to keep to himself, but when someone tries to get to him, he's not a pansy. He will fight. He always tries to think things through, which is why he only speaks when necessary, and is not one to just talk for no reason. Niall works part-time at a car garage. And goes to college for engineering.

Character Name:Keoni "Hush" Affern
User Name:Tom Suke
Bio: Keoni's been mute all his life-not a sound has ever escaped his lips, even when he broke his leg at the age of six-it took frantic gesturing and tears to let a teacher know. Now, he carries a little erase board, though he also knows sign language.
We all know that when you cut something out of someone-everything else increases-without his own sounds, his smell increased, sight, better-but more importantly....sound.
Every little thing in the world, his ears were sensitive to. Every sound that reverberated, every sigh or cough-he'd pick up on it, and react to it. Of course....it was also painful-normal Musicians spoke normally-but sounds that echoed weren't always caught by them-but to him, it was pain. It hurt, and most of the time the headaches hit him worse. He was just like the others, hating sounds-until he heard it. Some woman, with a violin at the center of the town-she played, she played-it hurt, it echoed-it killed at him, and though it was painful, his tears were not from that cause-but the beauty-he could feel her heart, he could feel the power of her rebellion to the silence he was born with-the silence all of them had. And even as they shot her down, even as they stomped and destroyed that violin-the sound of it's hauntingly beautiful tone echoed in him the weeks following. People thought her insane, but he knew better-she was the muse that brought him to his love.
It took a while for him to find out more about her, and to find out about her gang, Elec. It took even longer to join, but soon as he had earned trust-he hadn't a faintest clue how-and he had finished patching up his wounds....The leader offered to make the pain stop for him.
How could he refuse an offer like that?
The surgery wasn't long, and soon as it was done......my God.
Everything-the beauty of it was all recognized, and again-tears for the cause. After working hard for the group for about two years, he had enough trust to earn his own instrument-and he picked the violin, a sleek, black, and mainly-electric, so that he could plug up headphones, sit alone, and just be the only one to listen to it. Of course...he kept it at the warehouse most of the time, but he would take it home sometimes-yes, he was sixteen, but his parents hardly cared much for him-they didn't hate him, but were far too busy so he never bonded with them, and often times he'd make his own food at home alone while they were away on business affairs.

Spoiler: show
Character Name: Ivy Norton
User Name:genewen_elfen
Affiliation: Clef
Bio: You would never imagineIvy becoming a clef from the way she was raised. Her family ,from Emo, would always tell her of Musica, a land without music, a sad, sad place. She had grown up with music. She couldn't imagine a place without it.

And then there were the refugees. The few who were able to make it out of Musica. They were a wonder. They seemed like a completely different race. It was quite disconcerting to see them shy away from music when they first arrive.

But then she went to Musica on her own at 20. Everything was so...different. Was it the way people communicated. The lack of.. something. Distraction maybe? She saw that life could be so much different without it. Maybe even better.

She decided that she loved the country. Everything was so black and white. Without music, people are encouraged to create, not be influenced by the scourge of music. It was at that moment she decided to be a clef, to uphold the peace of the country. And she was good at it, too. Soon, due to her conviction as a clef, her reputation grew, and so did her position. Soon, she became the clef chief for O Town, and she's determined to get to the heart of the gang's and cut them off.

She is a rather steadfast woman, who never gives up. Ever. That's how she became such a renowned clef. She can, at times, be a bit sadistic, sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humor.

Character Name: Errant "Grey"
User Name: Q
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Clef
Bio: Previously a lawyer, Grey became a Clef after an embarrassing family case. With his business-like personality and tendency to rise to the top, he eventually became the head of the organization.

While most clefs know him by his birth name-- Errant-- few call him this out of respect. Of an impressive temperament, he never seems to succumb to shouting or anger.

Character Name: Soren LaFaye
User Name: Q
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Clef
Bio: Soren used to be involved in a gang called Nausicaa. He was somewhat of a badass. He helped with jacks, and was eager to fight. He, Ryan, and Rachel were always butting heads. Around the time Ryan and Rachel began fighting, jacks were starting to go sour and Soren pushed the use of guns. Of all the gang members, he was the only one who had willingly murdered others, most notably clefs. One fateful night, he was out too late and got into a gunfight with the wrong guy. And lost. After a long battle with his health, he lost his memory of the gang, but had a feeling of being betrayed. He became a clef and has since spilled blood of those he has deemed "less desirable."


Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show
Character Name: Silas "perfectFifths" Lanskki
User Name: Moto
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Male

Affiliation: Civilian seeking NuMetal
Bio: Silas was born with an incredibly weak immune system. It was possible to treat him, but his family lacked the funds and instead shut him inside their average-sized apartment. There isn't much to do inside an apartment. There really isn't. He quickly had grown bored of all the board games they possessed and read all the books they owned twice each. He needed something to do and his parents recognized this fact. So, they bought him a laptop. At first, Silas didn't care much for the thing at all. He had difficulties reading large amounts of text (he had been really bored when he read all those books) and much of the world wide web seemed to consist of gifs of cats and lots of text. It really wasn't his cup of tea. However, he stumbled upon something interesting. One link lead to another and eventually he was teaching himself programming languages and building his own programs simply for shits and giggles. Learning and mastering these mathematically based languages quickly became his passion, but he ended up learning the most popular programming languages. He had given up on learning the others simply because he found another source of entertainment: hacking. This was something he quickly became good at and for the same reason he picked up programming languages so rapidly. He was, in short, a mathematical genius. Hacking provided him with much better entertainment than other things did, there was so much more he could do. He found it especially entertaining to go through old arrest and trial records. This is where he first discovered this thing called "music". Most of the people arrested seemed to have something to do with the thing. He began researching it and even attempted listening to it, but doing so quickly gave him an excruciating migraine. However, he figured his head pains were caused by low-quality audio files or his speakers were messed up again. He didn't try to listen to music online again and instead began looking for ways to create his own music. A few months passed before he caught wind of the gangs in the area. Apparently, they sold instruments, which he figured were the items needed to produce music. He didn't even fully understand what music was, but he had the strongest desire to see where it came from. This desire became a need and he eventually asked his parents for some money, claiming that there was some software that he wanted to buy. They, of course, happily obliged.

The instrument was delivered to him home, during a time when both his parents were out to work so he was home alone. He had explained to the dealer that he would be there and why he would not leave, so he (or she) could tell the delivery kid to not shoot the sickly kid. After all, he had no desire to die just yet. However, he let the kid have his fun and break in while he remained in his room. He was pretty sure that he wasn't supposed to see the kid's face, anyway, seeing as he could be working for the government. Five or so minutes passed and he had not heard the door open and close for a second time. As any other person would, he didn't feel comfortable with a stranger being in their house for more than a few moments. It couldn't take five minutes to set a package down and leave. So, he stepped out of his room to see if was still there since it was possible that he had left and he simply had not heard him. To Silas' discontent, though, he had not left. "You're here to deliver, not take. Get out." He had stated, startling the kid who he assumed was looking for items of monetary value to take. The brat was a cocky one and had asked what a threat a constantly ill young adult could be to him. To this, Silas had simply smiled, as if to say "much much more than you would expect." Eventually, the delivery boy left and Silas was left alone with his instrument. He had absolutely no idea how to play the cello, so he simply settled with plucking a few strings, intending to search the web for instructions. After the first pluck, though, a dull ache formed in his head, increasing in intensity with every pluck. After playing around a little more, he came to the conclusion that the sound, the music itself, was the cause of his pain.

He had never been told about music or the device in his ear. There had been no reason to tell him. After all, what could a sick seventeen year-old do? They constantly saw him as depressed and therefore only told him things they were sure would make him feel better. If they were unsure as to how he would react to something, they would not tell them. Even with this fact, though, he probably would've learned in class about music and that it was illegal to have anything to do with it, had he not been busy skipping class. Why should he go to class? He doubted he was going to live much longer, anyway. The moment he got the flu, he was sure he'd be out of there. He was constantly sick as it was. With what? Things like the cold. Actually, whenever he caught a cold his parents would stay home from work to take care of him since he would be practically bedridden, the aches in his muscles making it not worth the effort of trying to move. He was primarily sick with tiny "harmless" viruses and infections that most people don't notice because their immune systems take care of them quickly and easily.

He's taken an interest in the gangs and seeks to join NuMetal, primarily because they can apparently remove the device in his ear, allowing him to listen to music. Other than that, he has no real reason for joining. The only other reason he could think of if you asked him would be curiosity. He has an insatiable curiosity, you see, and once something piques his interest, he'll strive to learn everything there is to know about it and won't stop until he completes his task or until something more interesting comes along.

His hacker handle is "perfectFifths", a reference to both the cello he owns (and is currently hiding in his closet since it won't fit under his bed) and to CamelCase, a way of writing your words that is often used in programming languages.
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It is currently AM 110 (110 years after the mute movement).

The month is June.
It is Saturday, after dark.

(to be written after initial time lapse catch-up posts)

Did I miss anything? Not updating fast enough? Need something changed? PM me.
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News / Announcements

~Aug 6,
Front page redone. Elec Leader "Rachel Tabitha" position filled.
~Aug 5, 2012,
Thread created / RP Started
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Roleplay begins on the next page
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