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Post Posted on Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:17 am

What is luna?

Luna is Solia's premium currency. You are able to get Luna though Daily Rewards, Games, the Market, and by Donating. Beside your name in the header you'll see a crown; this is the current natural status of your account. At times you may also see this mark Image that indicates premium status. This is a paid status for your account.

Natural account statues

These are effected by donation history stand for the following:

    Image Bronze Crown: All accounts should have at least this crown by default. This means you are a normal Solian in good standings. If you lose this crown it means you're account has been locked down and you won't be able to do anything. So if you can post or do anything at all on site, you have this crown! You can sell things for Luna on the market or in the exchange however only Gold Crowns will be able to buy from you using luna.

    Image Silver Crown: This is a progress marker, indicates that you've donated sometime in the past 90 days. Silver Crowns do not see ads, even if they are not premium. Once you are a silver crown it becomes much easier to become a gold crown.

    Image Gold Crown: This means you are at this time trusted by Paypal. This means Solia is protected so long as you hold a Gold crown. This is based entirely on your history and our window with Paypal. Because of this it is possible to lose the Gold crown. If your crown moves down it doesn't mean anything bad, just that the window has closed. A premium member with a gold crown can trade Luna freely to anyone on site. They can also list Luna for sale in the AH, or use it to buy things off the AH.

Crown Status is based on Donation History. The system wants to make sure that any donations traded away would most likely not be fraudulent. This way everyone is protected in your trading.

How does this work?
Most of this depends on your donation history in the last 90 days. We have to build this system inline with Paypal's decision making policies in order to prevent fraud and charge backs. This way when you trade for Luna with someone you are nearly guaranteed that it will never be taken from you. The entire system is are regularly donating, its not about huge amounts or anything of that nature. Just like building credit with a Credit Card, Paypal wants to see a regular history.

Premium Status

Premium status is gained by purchasing a Premium box from the Donation Shop. It is also possible to buy a box off the market or exchange with items or gold. Premium is in no way necessary to enjoy Solia. After you use the box you'll have this marker Image beside your name for 1 month (500 luna/month) or 1 year (375 luna/month) dependent on the box you opened.

If you have Image you'll have the following perks:

    Removal of Advertisements on Solia. (Silver and Gold Crowns also get this perk)
    Double inbox space for Private Messaging.
    Beta Access to test new features on Solia.
    15% extra gold earned on posts.
    20% more header events.
    400 Item Premium Storage Box.
    Donation Rewards (Earned over time even without Premium Box)
    Loyalty Programs
    Recycle Shop
    Luna Trading (Gold Crown only)
    Luna Auctioning (Gold Crown only)
    Saved Outfits

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