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Post Posted on Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:02 am
    Welcome to the Open Water forum. This is a special forum with special rules, you may find that this forum is not the place for you. If you happen to find there are too many "sharks" here in the Open Water we suggest you try Town Square which is very similar however has much different rules.

    The Rules of Open Water are as follows:
    • No posting or linking to Nudity, Pornography, Cybering, Gore, or any other things of sexual or explicit nature. This is a rule of our Server managing company and endangers the site if broken.
    • No posting of Illegal content. This includes:
        -Torrents of any kind.
        -Personal Information of yourself or others. This includes information about Bans of any kind. The issue is even if you claim whatever information your posting is yours, we have no way to tell if you're lieing and if its not yours its very illegal.
        -Malicious content pertaining to hacking/scamming/phishing and so on.

    That's it! Easy right? No Illegal stuff and nothing that's going to endanger our servers. If you want to bump, spam, post pages and pages of funny cat photos or whatever else you can come up with feel free to get that out of your system here. Because the rules in this forum are limited to nothing illegal or endangering the breaking of these 2 rules will result in a banning.

    This means its time to make use of your FOE LIST. If you do not like something someone is saying or doing, foe list them. We do not entirely understand peoples reluctance to use the foe list but if you don't like what they're doing or saying why would you ever want to talk to them anyway? If someone is trolling/harassing you and it continues after you foe list them THEN contact a mod about it. But if you have not used your foe list you will be told to do so before any action is taken by a moderator.

    Remember, this is the only open-forum on Solia Online, once you leave this forum and enter the others you will be expected to follow all of the Rules of Conduct that are in place for the rest of the site.

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