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Welcome to the 2017 Valentine's Event! To send a Valentine, type a message in the box under anyone's avatar on the forum. If you have cards available, you can send one with your Valentine! You'll need to have posted within the last 10 minutes in order to send a Valentine, and you can send them once every 60 seconds.

Sending a Valentine earns you one red points, and sending a special Valentine with a card with a message earns a black points. Gather both types of points to earn event items!

You can pick up Valentine Cards in the Donation Shop, or earn them through quests, the event or beta testing, or by pulling Koko or Yumyum on the upcoming scratch card! If you earn a Valentine card, you'll ALSO earn a name badge!

You'll get a notice in the header when you receive a Valentine. Check the event page to take a look at all of your Valentines!
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