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Dress up Pets!
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Solia Online is a free to use and play community gaming website. In order to ensure we stay that way, we have to make sure the bills can be paid. The daily bar helps everyone see when we're making our daily needs for keeping the servers running and content coming out and when we're falling behind.

We want to be open with you, so we're happy to share what it takes to keep Solia open:
Server costs and fee's, 1 premium box pays for about 3 hours of up time.
Commission Cost of 150-200 items a month.
Processing and setup of the items.

When meeting these goals everyone wins! When the goal is met, the next day an event will trigger. The event is random, one of the following:
  • Double Post Gold
  • Double Drops
  • Double Wordcraft Rewards
  • Special Quota Sale
  • Pawn Boost
  • Luna Sale
  • Penny Shop Opens
  • Bonus Shop (Special Shop only appears if Daily bar triggers it)
  • Siren's Cart Opens