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Dress up Pets!

Let's work together to make sure Solia has a bright future!
8 years ago we used the money we had to purchase servers which would house Solia. At the time what we could afford was used, and who knows how long or how hard they used them before selling them to us. The servers have worked hard for us and fought a great fight but now they're failing. This is just a matter of age and how hard Solia is on them, like a battery they'd eventually die. Their time is now, with recent problems it's a danger to let them keep going. We've got to replace them as soon as humanly possible.
Contribute to Save Solia
Don't have luna but want to help? Here's some ways you can pitch in!

-Refer people! You may get luna in the process!
-Join in the Solia Server Saver.

The Scratch Price will lower once the bar reaches 50%.

Referral Mission
Any referral attempt will receive a mission ticket.

You're not alone in this, we'll do what we can to help too! So we have gifts for those who choose to help with this dire problem.