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PostPosted on Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:04 am

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original plotsx

• Demon / Angel | ★★✩✩✩
particularly with ironic role reversal, like, bitchy angel / sweet demon
• Seme / Seme -or- Uke / Uke | ★★★★★
this can be used in combination with anything else, of course
• Tutor / Student | ★★★✩✩
I like age gaps, but let's not make this creepy (it's too easy with teacher/student relationships to become creepy)
• Actor, model, etc / "Commoner" | ★✩✩✩✩
• Geek / Popular kid | ★★★✩✩
• Prince(ss) / Servant | ★★★★✩
• Government Official / Rebel | ★★★✩✩

"Why are you holding me so hard...?" -Fon

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Ilegenes | ★★★★★ I WANT THIS SO BAD
OCs preferably, but who can resist the power of Jacques / Fon love!? D|
• Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman) | ★★★✩✩
Marquis / Richard
• Baroque (game by Atlus) | ★★✩✩✩
• Final Fantasy (VII, X, XII) | ★★★✩✩
anything but Balthier / Fran or anything with Tifa in it (I hate Tifa... long story...)
• Pokémon | ★✩✩✩✩
• Katekyo Hitman Reborn! | ★★★★★
• Puella Magi Madoka★Magica | ★★★★★
I love all the girls, but Madoka / Homura has a certain charm to it. OCs welcome as well, of course
• No.6 | ★★★✩✩
Nezumi / Shion... just don't make me be annoying little Shion, K?
• Persona 3 | ★★★✩✩
• Loveless | ★★★★✩
• My Little Pony | ★★★★★
OCs or canon ponies, I couldn't care less > w<.

"I am meant to be this way... from the beginning." -Fon

PostPosted on Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:24 am

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recent posts | 1x1search thread | profile

Ilegenes : The Genetic Sodom

will this work the way i hope?
who's the boss then. me. this is fucking genius.
Ilegenes : The Genetic Sodom

PostPosted on Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:19 am

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    potential writing shop layout:

    introduction (including status and lj account where stories will be posted)
    do's and don'ts
    order forms and pick up

    This seems appropriate...??
    Look into it some more before you start working on layout and design.

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Name : Māomāo is his given name. If it weren't for the fact that it's literally tattooed on the front of his neck (where a collar would go) so as to be completely irremovable, he would forget about the obnoxiously cute name entirely in favor of the one he uses to introduce himself: Luxe.
Age : Luxe isn't entirely sure. He wasn't given birthday celebrations, honestly. He looks because of his height to be very young, but looking at facial structure, he may be in his early twenties.
Gender : male
Sexuality : somewhere between bisexual and homosexual? He doesn't prioritize relationships but does prefer males.
Personality : Luxe is extremely proud. Having once been a pet, he now flaunts his newfound freedom... in contrast to once having to be obedient and humble (so as not to get jabbed on the nose... cat-owners are weird), he's become a walking, talking ego recently. He no longer screens the things he says because he considers no one his owner. He's his own boss.
This has translated into relative lawlessness. Because he has no money and lives (literally) in a large cardboard box turned on its side, he has to snatch clothes off the rack to wear and aside from a few kind store owners who will happily give him a free meal once in a while, all of his food is stolen. He doesn't even feel guilty about it anymore; he's turned into quite the alleycat.
But not all of Luxe's "lawlessness" has a survival slant to it.

moto's profile (to use as a reference)

Full name: Zephyr Sadon (no middle name)
Nickname: 002 (Oh-oh-two / Zero-zero-two), Zeph, and Seth
Reason for nickname: 002 because that was the number assigned to him by his maker. Zeph because, well, his name is Zephyr, and Seth because some find it easier to say.
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Date of Birth/Age/Appeared Age: October 3rd / Technically speaking, he's only about four years-old / Somewhere around seventeen or eighteen
Race/Nationality: Clone / Ilegenian (idfk)

Height: Five feet and eight inches
Weight/Body Build: One hundred twenty pounds
Hair: It's naturally a sky blue with an ever so slightly purple tint caused by tiny bunches of purple strands.
Eyes: He has central heterochromia and so the center of his eyes, around his pupil, are a sea green while the rest of his iris are peacock. There are clearly visible flecks of gold scattering his eyes, too.
Glasses/Contacts: No
Distinguishing Marks: The tattoo on his left (your right side when facing him) cheek. It extends over his nose and curves down almost to the corner of his mouth. On the small of his back he has "∅∅2" (except the nulls (∅) are shaped more like zeros.) tattooed, "SADON" tattooed just beneath it.
Voice: link
How old does s/he appear? Seventeen or eighteen
Predominant feature: His hair along with the tattoo on his face

How does he/she feel about his/her appearance? Zephyr doesn't particularly care about his appearance. If he looks good in the eyes of Rhys (who is often called "Master" by Zephyr, though occasionally he's addressed as "Brother"), the person he was cloned from, then he's happy.
Marital Status: Single
Most important possession: The leather band on his arms that has three watches attached to it. Why? This is the age of cloning, you don't think that they're normal analog watches now, do you? Of course they're not. Each one is designed to stop when Rhys needs a part of his body. Rhys has one too, though it's on his opposite arm, and they're designed to stop when some part of his body fails.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Smell: Clean
Physical disabilities: None

Hometown: Ilegenes
Religion: Atheist

Character's greatest fear: Rhy dying before him and falling in love.
What is the worst thing that could happen to him/her? The worst thing? Why, that's easy, it's falling in love.
What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? Falling in love
Character is most at ease when: He's most at ease when he's with Rhys
Most ill at ease when: Rhys is sick or upset
Priorities: Rhys' health and his own health
Past failure s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about: He actually broke Rhys' nose once.
If granted one wish, what would it be? To be able to see the world without having to worry about Rhys.
Character's soft spot: He has a soft spot for cats, a serious soft spot.

Optimist or pessimist: Realistic
Introvert or extrovert: Somewhere in between
Extremely skilled at: Singing
Extremely unskilled at: The visual arts and understanding those who are not cloned, who are born and insist that cloning is wrong.
Good characteristics: He's very obedient and respectful to those who deserve it and often times to those who even don't. Zephyr is also always willing to help.
Character flaws: He is a bit gullible, which is dangerous considering that he's a clone and could be stolen and then sold for god knows what.
Biggest regret: Not being there for Rhys when his left lung spontaneously decided to collapse and nearly killed him. This was a big deal since he had pneumonia and couldn't breathe well enough to survive with his remaining lung.
Minor regrets: Breaking Rhys' nose, well, no, actually, it's probably punching him in the first place.Character's darkest secret: He's lonely

Immediate goals: Be useful to Rhys
Long range goals: Be even more useful to Rhys

Significant Other/Relationship None, and he hopes to keep it that way
Who does he live with? Rhys
Who does he spend the most time with? Rhys and their cats
Siblings/Relationships None
Best Friend If he considered Rhys his friend then it would be him, but he considers him his master and not his friend.
Other Important Friends None
Feelings toward animals He doesn't care all too much about them unless they're cats. Really, threaten to kill a cat in his face and he'll do almost anything you want.

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Full Name: Māomī (this is literally his entire given name). This name is tattooed, both in Chinese hanzi and romanized, along with his owner's name (Heng Lǐ) and cell phone number, around the front of his neck so as to be a sort of "irremovable collar."
Nickname: Adair.
Reason for Nickname: Being utterly ashamed of his real name, "Māo" has opted to rename himself. He prefers to be called any number of names, depending on the moon phases and his current mood (he hasn't quite settled yet). Previously, his only knowledge of culture came from the television, which was left on basically twenty-four-seven, so the names he uses tend to come from anime and television. This particular week (and for who knows how much longer) he's been introducing himself happily as "Adair," but it's anyone's guess how long this will last.
Date of Birth/ Age/ Appeared Age: ?/ he's been alive and conscious for somewhere in the vicinity of five years, but has matured into his early twenties due to growth technology/ he appears to be in his mid-teens, having been blessed with the genes of a dwarf.
Race/ Nationality: Adair has no idea what nationality his originator was, but he was raised in a Chinese man's household and does possess the dark black hair and vertically challenged stature generally associated with Asian cultures. He's grown up on Ilegenes and has never stepped foot off of the island.

Height: five foot five (no... really, he's short).
Weight/Body Build: he's just barely 100lbs, being a generally small person. He's lost some weight since running off since he now lives on a staple diet of restaurant scraps and stolen apples.
Hair: black, somewhat wild and about chin-length.
Eyes: it was someone's genius idea to give Adair carmine-red eyes, although god knows who. It makes him look positively demonic. For whatever reason, Adair's old master seemed to think they were the cutest thing...
Distinguishing Marks: the most distinguishing mark on Adair's body is probably the collar-tattoo on his neck. It says "貓咪 Māomī" in intricate and luxurious calligraphy which, by the way, hurt like a bitch to have inked permanently into the the most vulnerable part of the body. Can you see how many strokes that hanzi has? Adair always covers it. Never mind the humiliation of the thing, it's dangerous to go around with such an obvious "I'm a lost clone" advertisement in clear sight. He has enough trouble keeping himself secret as it is.

How Does He Feel About His Appearance?: well, Adair puts great pains into stealing wearing only the most fashionable of outfits, but this isn't because of any form of confidence. Actually, having never received a compliment from anyone (his owner or otherwise) about anything but his cuteness, he sees it as his only redeeming quality, and indulges it at times senselessly. Other than concealing the marks at his neck, he rarely takes action to hide the fact that he's a clone, instead entering into shady agreements with shops in the red-light district to ensure his protection in exchange for favors now and then. And no... these aren't very wholesome favors we're talking, and he's very lucky that he hasn't been kidnapped in the process of associating with such filthy people.
Marital Status: goodness, who knows. His owner sometimes talked wistfully about breeding, complaining that "old fashioned" methods of reproduction were becoming less and less common... but it was a strange and hypocritical thing to say, since there is no way to make a cat-boy the "old fashioned" way anyway. (He was fucking nuts.)
Most important possession: none of the large presences in Adair's life ever left positive impressions on him. Although his owner showered him with gifts, he didn't keep a single one... save for a small bell his owner used to tie around his tail, which made the most pleasant sound (Adair's always been a creature of simple pleasures). He keeps it to remember the luxury but he doesn't look at it with particular tenderness, and if he lost it he probably wouldn't be sad. It's just... relatively speaking, the most important thing he owns, because he owns so little.
Sexual Orientation: Adair happily accepts attention from any gender and, provided you don't back him into a corner (if you don't even give him the illusion of a choice in the matter he can be violently defensive), he will agree to do just about anything with anyone regardless of what's between their legs. But, perhaps it's because he was raised with attention from males, he's learned to prefer it. He's shocked and baffled many males with the fact that he's naturally inclined to take the top, despite his petite stature, but he felt so humiliated being patronized by his owner that he often goes to stupid lengths preventing anyone from looking down on him again, even though he simultaneously parades around in extravagant outfits. His mind is a confused maze of inconsistencies.

Smokes: no
Drinks: no, except socially, because he isn't very good at saying no and is offered wine fairly frequently (hates the taste, though)
Smell: depending on where he slept the night before, he may smell like the cheap perfume of the red light district or the peanut oil of China Town. Somehow he manages to keep himself very clean though, taking good care of his hygiene even given his living conditions by either soaping himself up in public bathrooms or dipping in creeks... it sounds ineffective, but he's obsessively thorough.
Physical Disabilities: height none

Hometown: Ilegenes
Religion: he wouldn't even know what to say if you asked him personally. He has none.

Greatest Fear: being dragged back to Heng to go through what would probably be months of "reconditioning" and miserable conditions. He'd much rather be sold into some seedy prostitution ring.
Most ill at ease when: he feels his free will is being compromised. You know what they say about backing a cat into a corner...
Most at ease when: he's sitting among his natural environment: on a couch, in someone's house, eating a tuna fish sandwich and watching anime.
Priorities: his first priority is stealing all of the attention in the room. His second priority is his sympathy for other clones, which often leads him to do rash things. Finally, lowest on his list of priorities is keeping himself safe, which he often fails to do properly.
Past Failures: Adair's biggest regret is not running away sooner. He is consciously aware of how fucked up he is and blames it wholly on Heng for using him so wrongly.
Soft Spot: Adair likes bells. A lot. He likes how they sound. And he has a soft spot for clones he believes haven't seen "the truth" like he has, and feels obligated to liberate them.

Personality Traits: Adair is extroverted and rash, not putting much thought into anything he does. He's shameless and sees absolutely no problem with doing just about anything because that is (unfortunately) how he was raised, fill in the blanks yourself. He's lazy, sleeping an abnormal amount every day, and he's very picky about his hygiene. He seems to other people to be inexplicable: a ball of energy one moment, fast asleep the next; blushes and purrs one moment, aggressive the next, sexual or otherwise; happy one moment, furious the next. He's hard to read and even harder to predict.
Skilled At: nothing in particular. He was discouraged by Heng from picking up hobbies... or, really, any sort of individuality. He was just meant to sit there looking pretty when Heng was around and, when Heng was gone, he was allowed to watch TV to pass the time. Although he's actually very good at designing his own outfits and in fact has a wonderful sense of justice which he upholds proudly, he's incapable of seeing these skills in himself.
Unskilled At: absolutely anything intellectual. He knows nothing. Even being a homeless person, he's street illiterate... he's utterly helpless. If he weren't so lucky, he'd probably be in a heap on the side of the road... they do say cats are lucky animals, though.
Darkest Secret: he's so protective of the secret of his given name that he's been known to layer his neck with bandages and scarves and all kinds of things, and won't take the bottom layer off even during "intimate moments." He'd protect it with tooth and claw.

Immediate Goals: survive happily. This often includes doing foolish things like theft and kidnapping clones into what he likes to call "freedom," although they rarely have the same luck on the streets as he does.
Long-term Goals: .......

Who Does He Live With?: Adair lives in an overturned, heavy-duty cardboard box. It houses some of his clothes, others being scattered in stores throughout the red light district waiting for him, and he brings this box with him wherever he wants to sleep. It's falling apart but he hangs on to it anyway, considering it to be the closest thing he has to a home. Sometimes he'll be visited by cats hiding in his box from the cold and rain, and he welcomes their company.
Friends/ Family: unfortunately the closest thing Adair could call to "friends" or "family" would be Heng. But he's left the man behind and never intends to return. He's actually terrified of the man and doesn't want to see his face again.

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Gyah I could only get this done not an actual post.


i'm not a fool to let things like
trash entertain me
lets open the door
i would be stupid to
wag my tail
for you, and I don't...

i don't intend on returning
but the sun sinks in the
and i miss the
after all, i am "bell the cat"—the
house cat

Bel the house catxx xx

An apple, a half-eaten doggy bag of pasta left on a table in the nearby Italian restaurant, two shirts and a pair of jeans, and one bell: these were the contents of Bel's box as he cheerfully took inventory on a sunny autumn morning. Everything was there. In fact, he hadn't even remembered grabbing that pasta the night before, that was kind of exciting... he opened the lid of the container and peeked in, wondering if there was a point at which unchilled pasta became poisonous.

Reluctantly, he decided, judging by the smell of the day-old meatsauce, if pasta could become lethal, the meal in front of him had already passed this point, and Bel wasn't going to take his chances. Regrettably, he tossed the box of pasta out into the alley and sprawled out in his box, rolling over and stretching... it was only possible because his legs were mostly sprawled out on the pavement outside, but he allowed himself this daily simulation of luxury all the same. There was a snoozing kitten curled up on his lump of shirts, wedged into the corner of the box, and he watched her breathe, not particularly wanting to wake up himself even though (despite the fact that he'd just woken up and therefore considered it to be morning) it was probably some time after two in the afternoon.

But eventually, mourning his deep sleep and already yearning for the next nap, Bel crawled out of his box and stood, dusting off his clothes from the day before and counting the stains. He'd only worn it three or four times but it was hard to keep clothes looking presentable... he sighed, ducking back into his box for the spare pair of pants and a shirt, then took off at an almost-skip towards the nearest coffee shop.

It was a daily ritual: he greeted the barista cheerfully, ducked into the bathroom, forgot to lock the door (he never did remember), shed his clothes, lathered himself with water from the sink... it was not unusual for some poor morning coffee drinker to inadvertently step in on this scene but luckily there was no such mishap, and Bel was soon (relatively) clean and wearing a freshly pinched set of clothes, checking his bowtie in the mirror to make sure that it completely covered his tattoo.

It did—but even if the bowtie had been crooked, inadequately hiding Bel's neck, there were several layers of bandages underneath. It might've been overkill but it was important to Bel that he have them in place... as insurance.

Having finished his morning hygiene ritual, Bel slunk back out of the coffee shop unnoticed and strutted right back to his box: it was time to move. He contemplated his next location cheerfully, considering China Town and that cute little neighborhood of apartments a few blocks west that had all the cat-loving kids who hadn't learned a disdain for clones from their parents quite yet... at least not one that could hold up against the excitement of meeting a cat-person. He ducked into his box briefly to nudge the kitten awake, watched her prance away and them heaved up his box.

He'd put some thought into it but in the end, Bel didn't want to go to any of the places he'd considered. He just wanted to walk. So, following the complex maze of alleys that compromise the inner workings of a city, crossing only slow streets and avoiding heavily populated ones, Bel walked and walked with complete disregard for the fact that he was wandering unusually far from the red-light district which was in a way his only security.

Perhaps he'd grown too bold after a month of successful hiding. It didn't even occur to him that if he kept putting himself in dangerous places, his feline luck would run out; it was almost as though he'd forgotten Heng entirely, although that was impossible. Actually, it was probably more likely that he was trying too hard to pretend like he'd forgotten his situation and was putting himself in dangerous situations as a result. But whatever the case, by the time he deposited his box back on the ground and settled it in a nice little niche, Bel had already begun to step into the richer sector of the inner city. He set his box up carefully and proudly, organized his things inside as though tidying his home, and then made to set off on his exploration—it was only a passing afterthought that led him to gingerly fasten his bell to the bowtie around his neck, giving himself a much more "domesticated" appearance. Perhaps the classy people on these esteemed streets would mistake him for an "outdoor cat" enjoying a stroll. He didn't really care, honestly...

He had too much faith in his ability to run from unpleasant things when they occurred, probably.

xxx xxx xxx xcharacter : necoco song : Bell the Cat | LM.C | English translation

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title (pending) :

ⓡⓔⓠⓤⓔⓢⓣ ••• luka's OCs | ~ ⑳Κ in funds

Test coding below

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• • • i n t r o d u c t i o n...............................................

Hello there! This is my art request thread. As the title advertises, I currently have about 20k in funds to spend on art. Unfortunately, though, I have never bought art for my OCs before, so this makes the job somewhat more difficult for you as the artist—I'm sorry!

I'll do what I can using things like free dream avatar creators and vivid descriptions to make the job easier for you. Also, if you have a Gaian account on the side, I've quit long ago and still have some lucrative items (like Diapered Egg) to get rid of, so on top of Solian payment I'll give you some really nice Gaian items as well until I run out :]. Hopefully by the time I run out I'll have enough art to at least have reference pieces for future purchases... eep!

I am also willing to make payments with Luna if any bribing is necessary.

Table of Contents
(ʏoᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ)
↠ Payment
↠ Waiting on・・・
↠ Announcements
↠ OC table

((Note: title/header formatted to properly fit IE in this post for comparative purposes))
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• • • p a y m e n t...........................................................


BRIBE OPPORTUNITIES • Luna | Gaian items
(These Gaian items include:)
Spoiler: show
•Diapered Egg 270,000
•Year of the Rabbit 220,000
•Grizzly Hoodie 146,000
•Grunny 135,000
•Yemaya's Pearl 119,990
•Elemental Wings 85,000
•Mochi the Puppy 75,000
•Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9) 73,600
•Superior Form 64,000
•Golden Fleece 59,900
•Plasma Gear 54,000
•Wonderland 49,000
•Pride of Hera 44,400
•Little Black Bat 44,000
•Celebrity Date 43,000
•Easter Bunny Ears 32,999
•Elegant Pearl Drop Choker 23,400
•Angel Imp Plushie 23,087
•Mono the skunk plushie 22,000
•Mono the skunk plushie 22,000
•omnomnom Hat 20,029
•Golden Sparkles 20,000
•Silk Bowtie 20,000
•Detective Kit 20,000
•Vampire's Bat Swarm 20,000
•ORLY? Hat 19,840
•Wild Armor 18,000
•Grunny Slippers 15,000
•Imperial Queen 12,000
•Satin Hairbow 11,000
•Devoted Pawn 9,000
•Blue Frilled Hat 8,580
•Heart Eye Patch 8,000
•Seafoam Gown 7,900
•White Solar Flare Belly Tattoo 7,500
•Neck Shackle 6,600
•Candy Pink Sweet Lace Headband 5,400
•Pink Whiskers Face Tattoo 5,400
•You are a Cow 5,000
•Determined Eyes 5,000

All items and prices taken from TekTek on April 1.
Keep in mind: when it gets down to it, I am trying to get rid of these items. It's going to be mostly on a first come first serve basis who gets the big ones like "Diapered Egg." I will be only slightly discriminatory in giving the expensive items to those who offer me the most valuable art.

I am looking to buy full body, colored art at a price range of 15K or less with generous bribes. However, understanding my current limit of 20K, please do offer any price and I will consider it.

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Character Name

Character profile

Spoiler: show










How he interacts/personality

Sees self as

Is seen by others as

Sense of humor


Basic nature


Educational background

Socioeconomic background

Short biography

Work experience

Philosophy of life




Choice of entertainments

What trait will make character come alive?

Why is character likeable?

Why is character loveable?

Personal interview with character

Spoiler: show
What is your current full-time occupation? Any part time jobs or jobs on the side?

Where do you currently live?

Are you currently married? In a relationship?

Any kids?

What's your favorite comfort food?

Who is your role model or favorite celebrity?

This is where the interview gets more interesting: what kinds of new years' resolutions do you make every year?

Tell me one thing about you that nobody knows.

What is one stupid habit of yours that you wish you could get rid of—come on, share. I swear I won't make fun of you or make your complex worse.

Do you have any weaknesses? Little things you love so much that they make your heart flutter?

Right now, what is the worst part about your life? Anything stressful?

If you could record a message right now to future children, what advice would you give them? What would you want to teach them?

What's your favorite time? What do you do to relax?

What's the worst advice your parents have ever given you?

Did you have a moment in your life when you realized: this is it, my childhood is over and I'm an adult now?

What do you do when you're feeling down and sorry for yourself to calm down and feel better?

What is one thing you do that no one would believe?

If you were to guess, why do you think your friends like you?

What is your absolute worst pet peeve?

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

What do you want to do before you die? To "die happy" and all that cliché nonsense?

Is there anything in your life you wish you could be doing differently?

What was your most terrifying or humbling experience? Something that really knocked you down a peg?

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xx xx xxxxxpleasex xl o g i n x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxto access thex xn e t w o r k xx xxxx

u s e r n a m e Moto
p a s s w o r d *****

◦◦◦ l o a d i n g ◦◦◦

administrator privileges granted
welcome back ✰codename l a c h e s i s

s e a r c h key Nolae SinImageImage
◦◦◦ l o a d i n g ◦◦◦


student f i l e

    ....s i g n ........ ..... Leo
    ....y e a r x ............ 3
    ....c l u b .............. art
    ....j o b ......... ...... none, though he does occasionally paint things for other people for a price

    ....n a m e...... ...... Sin, Nolae
    ....a g e ................ 19
    ....r a c e ...... ....... Mare
    ....d o r m ............. 1
    ....h a i r ............... black
    ....e y e s .............. green-yellow or lime
    ....h e i g h t .......... 160cm
    ....w e i g h t ......x.. 49kg

permanent r e c o r d
    ....p e r s o n a ......
      ....Nolae is a rather childish individual, not understanding exactly how the world works or people in general. This naivety often gets him into many problems and difficult situations. Generally, though, he manages to get his way out, whether it's because of his sadistically corrupt mind unnerving whoever the antagonist in the situation is or if it's just his general stupidity. This childishness of his, though, leads to others wanting to be around him. Somehow, his innocence attracts all the wrong people, though, so he tends to hang out with the "wrong" crowd without ever realizing it, not that it particularly matters seeing as his mind already is rather fucked up.

      ....Nolae's never really been in a long lasting relationship, partially due to the fact that the true amount of sadism that he holds within him is kept a secret, but not because he fears what people will think of him. Rather, he keeps it a secret because of how he was raised. Sexually abused as a child by his father after his mother died, he was more or less brainwashed into believing that slicing and dicing someone was a way of showing love. He was taught to believe that horrifically torturing someone was the most accurate way he could express his love for someone. Due to this and his general reluctance to give his heart to just anyone, very few people know just how sadistic this seemingly innocent and naive senior is.
    ....b i o...............
      ....As a child, he had no motherly figure. She died during pregnancy, before he was born, actually. It was a surprise that they managed to get him out of his mothers body, a miracle in itself that he survived being out of the womb despite being extremely premature. He lived a very sheltered life, though, his father insisting that he not play outside or anything due to how fragile his body, specifically his heart and lungs, which are small and weak due to his premature birth. Despite this, though, his father did sexually abuse him as a child and, him being quite a sadist, corrupted him generously so.

      ....It was extremely unexpected for him to be invited to attend Aurora Institute and his father demanded that he not accept it, but, obviously, he did. Having lead such a sheltered life, he was curious about what lied beyond the walls of his condo. That was two years ago, making this his third and final year. Throughout those two years, though, he managed to not fail despite having a barely minimal education through extensive hours of tutoring and studying. Now, as opposed to being almost a dozen levels of education behind, he now is only a few, and therefore still attends tutoring and studies, but not nearly as much as before.

    ....l o o k s...........
      ....He generally wears short black or dark gray shorts that tend to only reach about a quarter of the way down his thigh. The tassels on his shirt reach just past his knees. Mid-thigh down, he has black string wrapped elegantly around his legs, stopping at his ankles. Starting at the arch of his foot, his has black ribbon wrapped around him in a criss-cross corset style all the up to the start of his knee. These are the only "shoes" he wears. He absolutely refuses to wear anything else. Occasionally, he wears this outfit instead of his uniform and most of his teachers let him slide as long as he only does it nor more than twice a week, sometimes, though, they'll let him slide on the third time. This is generally out of pity and the fact that he's a complete child and, essentially, a bitch when they try to get him to change into a uniform. For them, it's just not worth it, but, knowing his situation at home, they don't exactly want to send him back to his father, seeing as he would just beat all the knowledge Nolae had gained and continue to molest the poor thing.

    ....a b i l i t y........
      ....Unlike other fire elements, his power revolves around the non-destructive side of the element. In other words, his fire heals rather than injures. It doesn't really burn at all. Rather, it feels more like a soothing warmth, the kind of warmth you get when you're being held by someone you love dearly. The healing process isn't ridiculously fast, but it's fast enough to heal some rather deep gashes in only a handful on minutes. It would take at least half an hour, but more likely take about an hour for him to stop the bleeding of someone who's bleeding to death, force their bones to produce more blood, and then return them to a stable state, though. This type of magic is probably derived from his gentle, though corrupted and confused, heart, that really only wants to help, love, and be loved.

      ....Nolae also has the ability to see the chakras of living things. Plants, animals, humans (though, really, humans are animals), if it's alive, he can see its chakras. From there, he can determine both someone's emotional and physical health/state. This is a constant thing for him, he is unable to turn this ability off.

      ....As a mare, he's able to give people nightmares, even walk through and experience them. Having been able to do these by birth, these take little of his energy. However, he can only give them to someone who is sleeping. Occasionally, though, he'll give them unintentionally, especially when he is experiencing strong negative emotions. Sometimes, he'll even give himself nightmares and when that happens, those sleeping around him will often experience the same exact nightmare.

off the r e c o r d
    ....l i k e s ...........
      ☑ pastries
      ☑ candies
      ☑ fruit
      ☑ candles
      ☑ nature
      ☑ painting
      ☑ rice
      ☑ books
    ....d i s l i k e s .....
      ☒ bitter foods
      ☒ bad bakers
      ☒ people who insist on calling him names such as "monster" and "demon"
      ☒ and Capricorns
      ☒ he hates Capricorns...
    ....c r u s h ..........
      None, as of yet
    ....o t h e r ..........
      ....He's been painting since he was a child, so he's grown to be quite good at it. The same with piano, though he hasn't played much since he began attending school, focusing primarily on his studies and painting, so his skill level has probably fallen.

thank you for a c c e s s i n g

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l u k a


b y e bye

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xx xx xxxxxpleasex xl o g i n x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxto access thex xn e t w o r k xx xxxx

u s e r n a m e Zee Captain
p a s s w o r d *******

◦◦◦ l o a d i n g ◦◦◦

administrator privileges granted

welcome back ✰codename l a c h e s i s

s e a r c h key Miklos Alexis DanestiImageImage
◦◦◦ l o a d i n g ◦◦◦


student f i l e

    ....s i g n ........ ..... Aries
    ....y e a r x ............ 3
    ....c l u b .............. music, drama
    ....j o b ......... ...... Bartender at a local club

    ....n a m e...... ...... Danesti 【A】Miklos
    ....a g e ................ 18
    ....r a c e ...... ....... fire elemental
    ....d o r m .............1
    ....h a i r ............... platinum blond
    ....e y e s .............. sharp blue
    ....h e i g h t .......... 180cm
    ....w e i g h t ......x.. 70kg

permanent r e c o r d
    ....p e r s o n a ......
      ....As much as he denies it, Mik is a lot like his father on many levels. Not only does he look like the man, but he also behaves in very much the same ways that Seth had during his own teenage years. He likes his engines loud and his music even louder. He can come off as very blunt toward people or things he doesn't like, but there is a side of him that allows him to make subtle-yet-still-obvious hints as to his displeasure. He is also very quick-tempered when his beliefs are criticized or his friends are insulted, whether to their faces or behind their backs. He's one of those people who isn't afraid to go out and do something, be it a new way of breaking someone's nose or base jumping; he'll try anything at least once.

      ....Of course, Mik does have a soft side, one that is much bigger than his father's. He is an easy person to make friends with and doesn't discriminate when it comes to people he doesn't know. He even tries not to hate on his step-father. And while he can be a total pain in the ass, he can also be the perfect babysitter, a fact his his mother discovered when he was left to babysit his step-brother and step-sister, as well as his own two boys. Also, being a slacker in appearance, no one would at first glance think of him as a pretty smart kid, but he is; he knows that to be able to get out on his own and get a good job he has to first be at the top of his game academically.
    ....b i o...............
      ....Mik's life's story is actually a boring one - at least it is to him. His mother's side of the family had always had money, so he was never without, but he wasn't exactly considered "rich," either. Okay that's a lie. He considered himself half-rich. He usually spent most of his time with his mother in Spain, spending his weekends with his father only due to a custody agreement. That is, until his father started working at Aurora. Now that Mik had to spend his entire school year with Seth - he never, ever called him "Dad" - he begged and pleaded with his mother until he got to stay with her for the summer and on holidays. Is it obvious yet that he hates the man? Good, because he does.

      ....Once upon a time, when Miklos was a young and innocent child, he actually looked up to Seth; thought he was the most amazing person who was only second to his mother. But all of that changed when he got old enough to really start thinking on his own. Little by little he noticed all of Seth's imperfections, like how he would go out on the weekends - clubbing mostly, he realized - and come back with different men and women even when young Mik was in the house, and how he seemed to look down on people and seem to only serve himself. By the time he was thirteen, Mik had grown to despise this kind of behavior. The irony? Two or three years later that was how Mik began spending his own time. He would pick someone up at a friend's party, date him or her for about a week, maybe two, then leave.

      ....The only relationship that lasted for more than three weeks at a time ultimately came back to bit him in the ass - both times. The first time he had just turned sixteen and it lasted about a month before they mutually went their separate ways. A week later he found out from a friend that the girl, Janelle, was pregnant and that her father was asking around for the - and I quote - "bastard that did this to his little girl." The fact stewed in his mind for a few months, even after he gave her a call and confirmed that the kid was his. Finally, he owned up to it just a couple months before she was due. He got knocked around a couple times, but the teen managed to get into her parents' good graces, even though they weren't seeing each other anymore.

      ....About fourteen months after little Raphael was born, Mik and Janelle got back together for a short time, but thinga had changed too much and they separated again after a little over two months. This time she called him and told him flat out that she was once again pregnant. He once again got into a few fights with her father until Seth decided to butt in with a paternity test. He already knew it was his, but Seth - once again - looked down on everyone and wanted proof. Mik's mother, on the other hand was torn between having a heart attack and squealing out of joy both times. To this day Mik tries to do what he can for his boys and their mother, but lately her obsession with the green paper and yelling at him over the college education she wants seems to be growing out of proportion...

    ....l o o k s...........
      .... -- Like his father and a few of his brothers, Mik has a multitude of tattoos and piercings, primarily snakebites, and a tattoo of a snake gliding through flower blossoms on his left upper arm, another snake weaving its way through a skull on his upper right, and a realistic heart with wings on his chest. His most recent acquisition is the skull with simple tribal wings tattooed on his throat.

      ....When it comes to his clothing choices, he prefers not to mess with the school uniform to the point where it's unrecognizable; instead he likes to simpler approach of a loose tie and a couple unused buttons. Like Seth, his eyesight is a little poor, so he wears contacts and occasionally glasses, which are rather much like the kind you would see on a "nerdy" kid, only without the tape holding them together. As for his casual wear, there is rarely a day when he's not looking good. He tends to dress to his mood, though, so on the rare day he's not feeling it, he'll be seen wearing a plain tee-shirt and jeans, or maybe his favorite, turquoise sleeveless hoodie and some shorts.

    ....a b i l i t y........
      ....Mik has "ultra"-pyrokinesis, which is the ability to conjure, control, and shape blue flame by "talking" to it. While he can make some pretty cool things with it, he has to be very careful not to burn others with it. Sometimes it gets "upset" with him and burns him when he's trying to work with it...

off the r e c o r d
    ....l i k e s ...........
      ☑ fast cars
      ☑ fire
      ☑ his two boys
      ☑ getting tattoos and piercings (it might as well be a genetic addiction)
      ☑ singing and acting
      ☑ reptiles
    ....d i s l i k e s .....
      ☒ cold weather
      ☒ sitting still for long periods of time
      ☒ getting burned by the flames he plays with
      ☒ women (he swears his will never sleep with one again)
      ☒ his father
      ☒ having to change his day-to-day plans
    ....c r u s h ..........
    ....o t h e r ..........
      ....Like his father, Mik has an accent, but it isn't as thick. Also, a couple of summer romances with a girl back home has left him a father to two kids; an eighteen-month-old son and now a two-month-old son. When he found out she was pregnant the second time, he swore off of sleeping with women out of the fear that he might end up with as many kids as his father. He'll still flirt with them, but he won't take them home.

thank you for a c c e s s i n g

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xx xx xxxxxpleasex xl o g i n x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxto access thex xn e t w o r k xx xxxx

u s e r n a m e Zee Captain
p a s s w o r d *******

◦◦◦ l o a d i n g ◦◦◦

administrator privileges granted
welcome back ✰codename l a c h e s i s

s e a r c h key Seth Roshni DanestiImageImage
◦◦◦ l o a d i n g ◦◦◦


teacher f i l e
    ....n a m e...... ...... Danesti【R】Seth

    ....s e x ................ male
    ....r a c e .............. fire elemental
    ....d o r m ............. 5
    ....c l a s s ............. social studies
    ....a g e ................ 35

    ....h a i r ........... ... platinum blond
    ....e y e s .............. sharp green
    ....h e i g h t .......... 185cm
    ....w e i g h t ......x.. 77kg

permanent r e c o r d
    ....p e r s o n a ......
      ....Seth has been known to be quite an arrogant man. He likes telling others what to do, but refuses to show them how to do it more than once. So if someone doesn't get it the first time, then they're in danger of being on his bad side should they bring it up. If he really wants something done, he has his ways of making sure it gets done - even if some of them are rather unconventional. It's a rare thing to see him smile because of something humorous someone said; it's more because of the twisted things that find themselves dancing around in his head.

      ....On the other hand, Seth can be quite the charmer when he wants to be. Though, that side of him more than likely won't make an appearance since he takes his work seriously, and relationships with his coworkers and his students would only be troublesome to manage. That being said, Seth knows right from wrong and insists on going by the rules, if any have been set down. If there aren't any, then he'll make his own. In his personal life, he still retains some of his old habits, such as getting into physical fights every now and then and listening to his music full-blast.
    ....b i o...............
      ....Seth was born into poverty in Toledo, Spain. His family was a pretty close one, though his parents seemed to fight almost constantly throughout his childhood and teenage years. Luckily, he had his two older brothers, Roarke and Khalil, and his younger sister, Nephthys, to keep him moderately sane. Due to his low status in society, he wasn't the kindest person in the world; he often felt that he had to defend his upbringing in violent ways. In his teens, he joined gangs and got into fights. Though he never did drugs - he never found them alluring - some have speculated that the tattoo below his eye is a teardrop in disguise. If someone asks about it, he doesn't comment.

      ....He also wasn't the most abstinent person when it came to the opposite gender, or even the same gender on a few occasions. In fact, a number of liaisons over the years have left him father to several children, most of whom he knows about. His philandering ways didn't start changing until he hit the gambling scene. He never got addicted to it, but it did become a very good source of income. He was a lucky one, that's for sure. Otherwise, he would have never been able to afford to live as luxurious as he does today. He relocated to America, finished school, and became a history teacher, eventually landing a doctorate degree out of boredom.

      ....After hitting it big, he faded from the gangland lifestyle, but his name still resonates among his old compadres - and even pops up in the mob now and again - in Spain, largely because he had been such a fierce force to be reckoned with. If he hadn't gotten out when he did, it was very likely that he would still be there. But by the time he did, the children he knew of were already "corrupted" by their father's history; his oldest son, who has only recently turned nineteen, is just a few months from being a father of three himself.
    ....l o o k s...........
      .... -- He only has three "gang" tattoos; the cross below his navel, the Ankh on his chest, and the twin stars near his shoulders. The snake on his shoulder and his snakebites represent his family animal, as they have for a few generations before him. The rest of his tattoos and piercings have no real meaning save for the matching crosses on his throat and his other shoulder.

      ....While in a classroom setting, Seth prefers to wear dress shirts and slacks. On the weekends or on a casual outing off-campus, he's more likely to be seen wearing jeans and a tee shirt and his leather jacket. His vision is a little bad, so he wears prescription contacts, but there are days when he foregoes the trouble of putting them in and merely wears his glasses.
    ....a b i l i t y........
      ....Seth has pyrokinesis. He can control and "speak" to flames. He usually knows how to get fire to cooperate without argument, so he rarely gets burned by it. That and an impressively active sex life.

off the r e c o r d
    ....l i k e s ...........
      ☑ teaching
      ☑ gambling
      ☑ discipline
      ☑ historical events
      ☑ dogs
      ☑ loud music
    ....d i s l i k e s .....
      ☒ being disrespected
      ☒ trouble-makers
      ☒ having to talk over others
      ☒ his picture being taken
      ☒ idiocy
      ☒ a gun in his face (it flares up his temper almost instantly)
    ....c r u s h ..........
    ....o t h e r ..........
      Every so often he'll still gamble. And he's not so excited about being a grandfather at his age; it makes him feel even older. Also, having spent his college life in America, he has managed to make his accent less thick, though it might not seem that way when he's groggy or angry.

thank you for a c c e s s i n g
will this work the way i hope?
who's the boss then. me. this is fucking genius.
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