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Dress up Pets!

PostPosted on Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:23 pm

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Kimchi Café

Hello everyone and welcome to Kimchi Café! Here people interested in (Or curious of) the Korean culture will meet and speak about everything between heaven and earth! Did something interesting happen in that new episode of the Drama your watching? Did your favourite group just release a new song and you want everyone to listen to it? Having problems with a korean recipe? Well this is the place or you!

Are you a lost soul that has no idea what I'm talking about? Then GTFO! D8<
Well yo'ure also very welcome to come in and learn about out interests or just hang out with the people you enjoy sharing time with!
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PostPosted on Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:24 pm

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The Music

Image Image Image Image

Korean music, commonly referred to as K-pop, is quickly spreading across the world. With its Visual, Dance and Musical precision, its turning more and more people into...fangirls! :fangirl: In Korea, Bands are mostly formed by entertainment companies that pick out people they think have talent at schools, train them for a couple of years, and then place them into groups. Because of that, Kpop has gotten critique about being fake and plastic but these guys still fight a lot to give you the best they can do so give it a shot, listen to some songs, watch the members in some shows and soon you might find atleast one band that you fancy!

We will have a new music video that will be featured each week. This will be both new and old clips and mostly something Mara has stumbled upon lately and would like to share with you guys. If you have a music video you would like to have featured, either write to me in the thread about it or if Im not there right then, PM me with a link to the video (Preferably youtube) and why you think it should be featured! :neener:

We will ALSO have Album and Band recommendations at the bottom. Feel free to Recommend both bands and albums and if the album you want to recommend has already been recommended, please dont be afraid of rerecommending it! Having two recommendations on one album/band is NO problem, the more the merrier!

Music Video of the Week!

Week 8 ; Blue

BigBang are finally back! After a very tough period of both DaeSungs car accident and G-Dragons Marijuana affair the boys are back with a smooth ballad. The five members are one of Koreas most popular groups and won "Best world act" in the EMA last year, winning over big start like for example Britney Spears.

Personally, I find the song a bit TOO calm and even a bit dull but the MV is pretty as usual by Big Bang. Its simple and classy and My favourite SeungRi is looking very handsome! But GD...Why blond hair one second and then red the next? Make up your mind! Anyways hopefully the other songs on their album will be a bit more upbeat (As I usually remember BigBang by)!

Old Weeklies!

Week 2
Spoiler: show

This Video is from no other than J.Y.P. Aka the mastermind that has created groups like Miss A, Wondergirls, 2PM and last but not least, BI RAIN!
Its abit of a comedy video that parodies the 80's. JYP is the one in the middle at the beginning. Yeah you know, the guy whos crotch gets censored at the end when hes humping the camera...

Its a cool video with an upbeat song so I wanted to start it out with this haha!

Week 3
Spoiler: show
Week 3 ; This is War

This is the title song from MBLAQS new Album 100% ver. The video is a bit confusing at first and distracted me a lot but after looking that one aside, both the song, the dance and the lyrics are amazing. Seriously, look up the lyrics, I love 'em.

The video is about how Lee Joon (The redhead) is an assassin hired to kill a girl but he cant do it and ends up saving her instead (From other assassins). He develops feelings for her and because shes shot while he tries to save her he leaves her off at his best friends house while he goes to take care of somethings. The girl and the best friend (Thunder) ends up falling in love and when Lee Joon notices this he storms out with her only to be stopped by Thunder. In the end he shoots himself because he wants her to live on happily even if its without him and then with his last strength he gives the two of them some plane tickets he had prepared to flee the country with the girl with.

Its safe to say that that video, oh god, was too dramatic for me. But its still made in a GREAT way, its pretty its stylish and everything its just TOO MUCH DRAMA IN JUST 5 MINUTES!

Heres a review Simon and Martina did for This is war!

Week 4
Spoiler: show
Week 4 ; Midnight Circus

This week we are featuring Midnight Circus with Sunny Hill. Sunny hill is a band that is a bit older than your general K-pop band AND it consists of 5 members, 4 girls and one guy, which isnt common in kpop (Mixing gender in one band).

The music video takes place in a circus where the 4 girls of the band are some types of dolls being hoisted up by none less than prettyboy GiKwang from B2ST. The mysterious man with the funky glasses that cuts of the ropes so that the girls fall down is actually the 5th member of the band. Sadly he doesnt get to dance with the girls. This video is very beautifully done but its also the one Sunny Hill video Ive seen that has the least of a plot. Id recommend that you look up their other songs like The grasshopper song and monster (Is that the name of the song...<_<).

And I like the song, Its quite simple but it can get a bit repetitive if you listen to it for too long.

Week 5
Spoiler: show
Week 5 ; Warrior

Standing in the spotlight this week is B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) with WARRIOR! This is B.A.P's Debut song and a lot of people have been complementing it saying that they perform it with great confidence and that they have the charisma of experienced singers. What their company actually used as a PR trick to promote them was to let almost all of the members "Debute" before their debute. Zelo and Bang Yong Guk had their own song featuring Secrets Hyosung and another member had a duo with Yoseop from B2ST, just to mention a few! Theyre a total of 5 members , oldest is Bang born 91 and youngest is Zelo, born 96! Hes 15 years old!

I like this song. Its powerful and catchy but there are a FEW things that bother me with it and its that goddamn WHISTLE that starts about halfway through the song and that is like the only thing you hear by the end!? And also, I LOVE Bangs dark raspy voice and I think it was used perfectly in his song with Zelo but in Warrior, I think they shouldve have eased up with it at the beginning because it was OVERpowering.
As for the group, Ive only seen very few clips of them but they seem to be an open and carefree group! Me like. <3

So give B.A.P a great welcome into the entertainment world and take care of them! :omg:

Week 6
Spoiler: show
Week 6 ; What is Love

For week 6 we have Exo-k with what is love. (They were sadly never featured on our front page because I was sick. >-<) Exo has had (When Im writing this) what, about 15 teasers? At first it was a fresh cool way of promoting a new group by SM ent but...Come one, just give them to us! And whats up with Kai being in 90% of the teasers. Is that what teasers are supposed to do? Show 1 out of 12 members...? Still, theyre looking veeeeerry stylish and talented so Im hoping this will be one of SM's good bands! (Can I hear a SHINHWA!?)

Exo is divided in two parts. Exo-k, which is the korean group, and Exo-M the chinese group (M stands for Mandarin, the language they sing their songs in). Right here Ive featured Exo-k's song which is in korean but What is love is also available in Mandarin by Exo-m! The video is pretty but I only see about 2 guys singing...Exo-k has 7 members and exo-m has 5 so ...what are the others doing?

To wrap it up, Exo is still an unreleased group so there are A LOT of question marks surrounding them but I hope your as excited as I am to see more of their work!

Week 7
Spoiler: show
Week 7 ; The Man Opposed

This week we will be featuring the group Dalmatian with "The man opposed". Theyre a fairly new group and this song was their first hit. The song is cute and upbeat and the musicvideo is just as cute. They have a part in their coreography where one guy is supposed to airpunch and during the live show he accidently punched another member RIGHT IN THE FACE and the poor fellow kept dancing and singing even though he was obviously bleeding from the mouth. Oh Dalmatian, you better work on that...

Personally I find this song to fit me during some moods and sometimes its really not my cup of tea. If Im feeling silly and cute Ill listen to it and look at them but its not really something Id sit down and really carefully listen to.

How to Recommend

This is simply where you recommend music! Both Bands and albums. Feel free to recommend however many you want even if they have been recommended before!

Recommendation form for Idols/Groups:
Spoiler: show
Code: Select all
[size=150][color=#FF8080]Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation![/color][/size]
[size=85][b]Name of Band/Idol:[/b] Enter the name of the band/idol here! English name please!
[b]Members:[/b]Please state the members names here in english!
[b]Entertainment:[/b]Which entertainment do they come from? Like how B2ST is from Cube entertaiment and Miss A from JYP ent.
[b]Genre:[/b]Rock, pop, dance?
[b]Opinion:[/b]Why do you like them?
[b]User:[/b]Your username please![/size]

Recommendation form for Albums:
Spoiler: show
Code: Select all
[size=150][color=#FF8080]Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation![/color][/size]
[size=85][b]Name of Album:[/b] Enter the name of the Album here! English name please!
[b]Name of Band:[/b]Which band created this Album?
[b]Number of songs:[/b]How many songs.
[b]Favourite song in Album:[/b]Which song was the best in this album and for what reason?
[b]Genre:[/b]What sorts of songs were there in this album?
[b]Opinion:[/b]Did you (dis)like it? If so why? Why are you recommending it?
[b]User:[/b]Your username please![/size]

Recommended Albums!
Spoiler: show
Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation!
Name of Album: Fiction and Fact
Name of Band: B2ST
Number of songs: 10
Favourite song in Album: Fiction; Orchestra version (because I'm a sucker for Orchestra anything)
Genre: For overall tone I'm going to go with Dance Pop
Opinion: LOVED IT. I was actually sad when it was over. Like seriously, I wanted more it was so good. All of the songs were great. Had a nice good vibe throughout the whole thing. My mom even fell in love with it and she was SURE she'd only ever like SHINee.
Rating: 4
User: Aleria Rayne

Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation!
Name of Album: Hello (Lucifer repackage
Name of Band: SHINee
Number of songs: 16
Favourite song in Album: Obsession. It's unexpected. It's a little darker? than most of the album. Not that it's a dark song, the tone is just different. Lots of emotion in it, and then BAM there's this sick guitar solo that I swear made me cream my pants out of sheer shock. (Not that it was that complex, just unexpected)
Also worth note are Get It, A-Yo and Ready or Not. All three extremely fun songs that just make you want to dance.
Genre: It's got what you'd expect from SHINee; Pop, R&B, Dance, little bit of electro-pop/rock. Lots of heavy beats and areas of massive bass
Opinion: I actually loved this entire album, which shocked me a bit, as I have this love/what!?! relationship with SHINee. While all the songs aren't GREAT, the album as a whole is worth a listen. It's not all the same, the songs are ranging in style and emotion. I actually sat and listened to all 16 tracks without skipping any. From Lucifer all the way to Love Still Remains (which is just a remix of "Love Should Go On" from the A.Mi.Go. (The SHINee World repackage) album. I actually forgot after a while that I was listening to SHINee, I just enjoyed it, massively.
Rating: 3.5
User: Aleria Rayne

Recommended Bands!
Spoiler: show

Image ImageImage Image
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The Dramas

Image Image Image Image

So you're interested in the dramas Koreas got to offer? A drama is basically a show that has a lot of drama. And since most shows in Korea have a lot of drama, drama=shows nowadays. There are different types of dramas though! Drama dramas, highschool dramas, detective dramas, comedy dramas and many more!

Where Can I Watch Dramas?

As usual, if you really like the drama and want to support the actors and directors you should of course buy it! Otherwise most dramas are uploaded on Youtube and otherwise Mysoju is a great site that has drama lists with ratings and redirects to different drama sites. Mysoju does NOT host any shows themselves, therefor it is NOT an illegal site. I will not be writing up any illegaly hosting sites here BUT if youre very interested, ask me or fellow drama watchers in the thread for some tips on sites and we will respond there!

Thanks to Aleria for suggesting these two sites too:

Dramafever is a great site to use for people living in either northern or southern America. They stream shows legally because they have acquired the license from the korean companies. You can also keep track of Dramas you have watched, dramas you are watching and dramas you want to watch! To know more about Drama fevers updates and new shows, etc, Aleria has Kindly taken on the roll of informing you! Just check out this tag over here; #dramafevernews

Viki works for everyone! And doesnt only host Korean dramas but taiwanese, indian and many more! Viki works directly with different broadcasting stations around the world and translates the shows themselves! :D

Drama of the Month!

February; My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is a fun upbeat drama starring two very popular Korean actors; Lee SeungKi and Shin Minha. The story is about a man who gets followed around by a girl he meet in the forest and she keeps insisting on the fact that shes a Gumiho (Nine-tailed fox, originally from Japanese folklore, a fox with nine tails said to eat peoples livers). At first he takes her for a nutcase but he soon finds out that she might be telling the truth and even though hes afraid shell eat his liver, circumstances make so that he has to live with her.

This Drama was very fun, I watched it during summer with my little sister and we both cursed and laughed a lot. The ending was a bit disappointing but the story was overall very satisfying and its good if youre in for a more upbeat drama!

Genre:Comedy, Romance Drama
Episodes: 16

Past Dramas!

January; Dream High
Spoiler: show
January; Dream High


This months recommendation is Dream High! Dream high is a drama about 6 young individuals, working hard to become stars, idols. They all have their own individual struggle and problems that hinders them but together or as enemies they fight for their dream.

Whats special about this drama is that it has a lot of Idols in it, mostly from JYP entertainment. JYP himself is featured as a dance teacher with little to no backbone, The main star is Suzy from miss A together with Taecyeon from 2 PM, Kim Soo Hyun, Ham Eun Jung from T-ara, IU and Wooyoung from 2 PM. Quest stars include Chansung from 2 PM, Nickhun from 2 PM and a couple other stars. The plot is also quite fresh. You never quite know whos the villain and whos the hero and you never quite know whos going to end up with who. Its thrilling and fresh and Id recommend it especially to people new to Kpop that dont want anything that will break them down too much. Though I have to say, Ive never cried so much because of a drama like I did for this one...

Genre: High School Drama
Episodes: 16

Since the Drama is about people trying to become Idols, there is alot of singing and dancing. Heres a part when they do a cover of SNSD's Gee that I liked especially much. A follow up, Dream High 2, is being filmed right now and starring in it is among others JiWoon from 2AM.

Recommendation list!

Here you will find a list of different dramas worth watching! Look through it for some tips on watchworthy dramas or contribute on your own!

If you want to recommend a drama you should only do so after youve watched the whole series (Having watched like 90% is okay too). The drama does not have to be korean, but preferably it should be either Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Mainland or Hong Kong. If a Drama has already been recommended you can still recommend it again and give your opinion of the show! And you can recommend an INFINITE amount of dramas, muahahahahha!

Recommendation form:
Spoiler: show
Code: Select all
[size=150][color=#FF8080]Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation![/color][/size]
[size=85][b]Name of Drama:[/b] Enter the name of the drama here! English name please!
[b]Number of episodes:[/b]How many episodes does the drama have? Are there any extras?
[b]Genre:[/b]Drama drama, historical drama, highschool drama, comedy drama, etc?
[b]Synopsis:[/b]Just say shortly what it is about without spoiling the end!
[b]Opinion:[/b]Did you (dis)like it? If so why? Why are you recommending it?
[b]User:[/b]Your username please![/size]

The recommendation list:

Spoiler: show
Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation!
Name of Drama: City Hunter
Number of episodes: 20
Genre: Action/Thriller is what it's listed as
Synopsis: Revenge? Pretty much anything I could say will give away too much. But Revenge is a decent summary for what the show is about.
Opinion: I loved it. It sucked me in and made me want to keep watching. The pacing for the most part was nice. It was beautifully written and acted. I could probably watch it over and over. As much for the story as the wonderful Minho eye candy.
Rating:I'll give it a solid 4 and a half. Because that ending man. It made me cry and pissed me off.
User:Aleria Rayne (though I guess technically I'm on a mule so Dilemmachine)

Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation!
Name of Drama: Secret Garden
Number of episodes:20 episodes and 3 extras I think.
Synopsis:The story is about Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im. Joo Won is a rich CEO that meets the fierceful Gil Ra Im, a stuntwoman that works hard to get by every day. A complicated even occur which makes it impossible for them to distance themselves from each other even though they bicker non stop and in the end their feelings start to change.
Opinion:Okay Rich guy, poor girl is VERY common in korean dramas but this one shows it all in a different light. Instead of being offended when she refuses to accept his gifts Joo Won finds it amusing to point out whenever Ra Im owes him money. It has a bit of fantasy too it which is confusing but its still a very enjoyable drama!

Image ImageImage Image
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The Variety Shows

Image Image Image Image

So youve got your music, youve got your drama but hey? Whos that person behind the camera lens? If you want to know more about your idols and actors/actresses while getting yourself a good laugh in the meanwhile then Variety Shows are the PERFECT place for you. There are LOADS of great Variety shows that help you get to know idols or simply amuse yourself while eating dinner. :)

Where Can I Watch Variety Shows?

Variety shows arent even available to buy unlike Albums or Dramas so for us without Korean TV, we have to watch it online. A good site to watch varietys on is "Kshownow.net". Its a site that redirects you to other sites that have uploaded variety and is in that way a middlehand and not a site that uploads itself (Thus not illegal).

Another great site is....YOUTUBE! Of course Youtube is a great provider that has alot of varietys up on them but they might be deleted quite quickly. :(

If youre having problem finding a variety you like, just PM me and Ill do my best to help you. :)

List of great Varietys!

[*]Running man
[*]Family Outing
[*]Oh my school /100 points out of 100
[*]Star Golden Bell
[*]Happy together
[*]Hello Baby
[*]Invincible Youth
[*]Shinhwa Broadcast
[*]Sesame Player
[*]We got Married
[*]Dream Team
[*]2PM show

Image Image Image Image
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The Food

Image Image Image Image

FOOD! Don't we all love food? And Asian food, specificaly Korean food, is a delicious new concept that is spreading across the world. Famous national dishes like Kimchi and Bulgogi are spreading across the world and this little corner of this hangout, is dedicated to show you and teach you some more about the most delicious part of Korean culture; the food!

Monthly Recommendation!

Every month we will be featuring a new dish with recipe and all so that you guys can try to make it at home! The old recipes will also be saved and if you see a yummy recipe youd like for me to look up, or recommend to other, you can fill in the recommendation form and I'll do my best!

Recommendation form:
Spoiler: show
Code: Select all
[size=150][color=#FF8080]Yoboseyo! I have a recommendation![/color][/size]
[size=85][b]Name of Dish:[/b] Just give me either the korean or english name! n_n
[b]Recipe:[/b]Do you have your own recipe for this dish? Want me to look it up? Or have you already found a good recipe on the net (write url here)?
[b]Rating:[/b]1-5, how good is it and how easy to make?
[b]User:[/b]Your username please![/size]

February; Jjinppang Mandu (Steamed pork buns)


This months were featuringggggggggg......Jjinppang Mandu (Steamed pork buns) . This is a very simple dish great for lunches and creativity! The ingredients are easy to find and you can put just about anything inside of it! Here is the recipe:

For dough
All purpose flour, dry yeast, water, salt, sugar, and vegetable oil.

For filling
Ground pork, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, black ground pepper, garlic, onion, zucchini, carrot, green onions (or Asian chives), and white mushrooms.

Make the dough:

In a large bowl add 1 cup of warm water (under 40° Celsius, or 100° F), 2 ts dry yeast, ½ ts salt, 2 tbs vegetable oil, and 1 ts sugar. Mix well until the dry yeast is fully dissolved.
Add 3 cups of flour to the yeast water. Mix with a wooden spoon, then knead for 2-3 minutes.

Set aside in warm place until the dough doubles in size.
*tip: watch the video to see how you can make your dough rise faster!

After the dough has risen, knead it again for 1 minute to remove any extra gas. Set it aside in warm place with the lid closed for 30 minutes.
While we wait for this to rise, we can prepare the fillings:

In a large bowl, place:
1 cup chopped onion
½ cup chopped carrot
1½ cup chopped zucchini
1½ cup chopped green onions
2 cups chopped white mushrooms
Sprinkle 1 ts salt over top and mix it up by hand. Set aside for 10-15 minutes.
Squeeze the excess water out.
*tip: using cheesecloth will make this easier. Wrap the chopped vegetables in cheesecloth and gently squeeze the water out.

In a mixing bowl, place:
400 grams (14 oz) of ground pork
1 ts soy sauce
2 cloves of minced garlic
1 ts sesame oil
½ ts ground black pepper
Mix it by hand and set aside.
Let’s cook!

In a heated pan, add 1 tbs vegetable oil and sauté the chopped vegetables for 2-3 minutes. Transfer them to a large bowl.
Heat up the pan again, and cook the seasoned pork for 3 minutes until fully cooked.
Put the pork into the bowl with the vegetables and mix it all up.
Now let’s make the buns:

Split the dough into 16 smaller pieces.
Take a few dough balls and put them on a floured cutting board. The rest of balls should be in the bowl with the lid closed, to prevent them from getting dried out.
Roll out each ball into a disk 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter.
Place a disk into your palm and add 2-3 tbs of filling mixture to the center of it.

Lift the edges of the disk up around the filling, then press the edges together to seal the filling snugly inside the bun.
Repeat with the remaining dough and filling, until you’ve made 16 buns.
Put 6-7 cups of water in the bottom of a large steamer and place each bun on the rack.
*tip: Place cheesecloth or cotton cloth on the steamer rack before adding each bun. Baking cups also work well. When you place the buns on the rack, leave a 1 inch gap between them because they will get bigger when steamed.
Wait for 20 more minutes to let the dough rise even more.
Bring to a boil over high heat, and steam for 20 minutes

Recipe found at: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/jjinppang-mandu

Mara gives tips;
The only thing you need to learn from this recipe really is the "Dough" part. other than that, you can put in ANYTHING you want. Ive had so many different fillings but...Im not sure if fish would fit...? Guys inform me if you ever try it with fish! :lol:

Past Months:

January; Jajang Myeon (Black bean Noodle)
Spoiler: show

For January Were featuring......-drumroll-Jajang Myeon (Black bean noodle) . This dish is popular among both children (The sweeter version) and grown ups (The spicier version) and is made out of traditional Korean Black Bean paste. Here is the recipe:


100g of Jajang powder
1 Onion
1 Carrot
1 Mushroom
1/2 Courgette
3 tablespoons of peas
100g of Spam
A couple of handfuls of noodles

You can purchase jajang sauce in powdered packets or in a black box, the powdered version is much easier to work with and I always use this, start by cutting vegetables and spam in to chunks, if you are using seafood like prawns there is no need to cut these.

Boil the noodles in a saucepan as per the instructions on the packet, I have used rice noodles but you could use any type you have even spaghetti. At the same time cook the vegetables...

Put some oil in a hot pan, and start by frying onion and carrot, after a few minutes add the courgettes, mushrooms and spam. Keep this on heat for a few minutes before adding about 500ml of water, allow this to boil until the carrot is soft.

In a measuring jug or bowl mix 100ml of water with the jajang sauce powder until it is dissolved. Remove the saucepan from heat and add the sauce, mix well and return to heat for a further 3 to 4 minutes whilst continuing to stir the mixture.

Drain the noodles, and put on a plate. Serve with the sauce on top of the noodles, this is great for lunch and you could add some side dishes like Kimchi or spicy cucumber if you wanted to.

Recipe found at: http://www.easykoreanfood.com/jajang-my ... z1iSM4Jv5G

Mara gives tips;
This dish is open for a lot of creativity! Try adding more meat/protein or substituting Spam with something else. What I would do is to use Shrimps or Prawns instead. Some vegetables like peas can be left out and some can be added. The only thing you really HAVE to keep for it to be Jajang Myeon is the Jajang and the noodles! So other than that, change it until it fits your taste! :fangirl:

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The Language

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image
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The Ulzzangs

Image Image Image Image

Ulzzang is korean for "Best Face" and are various people popular on the internet for their good looks. They often get scouted as either models or if they can sing and dance, idols. Popular ex-ulzzangs in the idol world are for example Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Gu Hara (Kara), Kiseop (U-Kiss), Suzy (Miss A) and many more.
I like to keep track of these mostly because I like korean fashion and the ulzzangs sports that. ^^

My blog posts a lot of different Ulzzangs and kfashion.

Popular Ulzzangs

    Choi Haneul
    Choi Seohee
    Choi Eunhee
    Baek Jae-Ah
    Baek Sumin
    Byun Ji-Young
    Ban Nam-Gyu
    Do Hoe Ji /Do Hwe Ji
    Hong Ah Reum

    Hong Young Gi
    Lee Geum Hee
    Lee Hyo Jin
    Park Hyo Jin
    Park Sora
    Song Ah Ri
    Yoo Hyun Jin

    Lee Chihoon
    Wong Jongjin/ The J
    Park Taejun
    Park Jiho
    Kwak Minjun :heart:
    Song Chanho
    Park Hyungseok
    Lee Donghoon
    Yu Hamin

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/slides in
I'm totally bookmarking this.
This will probably become one of my many homes.

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Yay! Oh boy I forgot to bookmark it myself, nice one there! xD

Gah I hope I can take properly care of this hangout. My last hangout died in the Big Solian Threadlocking but I think that was for the better, it was dying anyways.
This one will live! D8<

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Hopefully it'll stay alive.
I think there's quite a few people into this kind of stuff, so hopefully everyone can just congregate!
And it would be cool to maybe have a featured recipe each month to try.
I love cooking world cuisine. Korean is the only thing I haven't tried cooking. One of my friends use to work in a Korean restaurant, maybe I can get some pointers from her.

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l-lol the only korean-related interests I have are the food and the Naver webtoons. :blank:

:chew: mmm.

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