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PostPosted on Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:41 pm

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Derek McNeilson___________________________________The Mechanic

Well thank fucking god I was done with my route earlier than normal.
Derek watched from the sideline as people stared at the destroyed motorcycle that lay strewn about on the ground and in to the convenience store window, patting the satchel at his hip with an unheard rhythm. The cops would be here soon enough to figure out what all was going on, and why there was some hunk of junk sticking out of a store where it shouldn't be. The store owner and employees were already outside.

If you asked him, he'd say that the bike would have been better suited to a scrap yard. But that was his opinion. Regardless of how crappy the bike looked, he could still examine it to see if there was anything worth taking from the hunk of metal. He kicked a set of handle bars on the ground that looked like they had gone through a few rounds of being used as a horrible crowbar before walking in to the alley near the store and finding the back entrance.

Inside of the store didn't look much better than the outside. Derek maneuvered his small frame, one of the few times he was actually thankful to be his size, around several collapsed shelves and through some busted parts of a counter. How it had ended up sticking in to the frozen goods doors, he didn't know. Evidently, whatever had hit this bike had hit it hard. Part of it was obscured from the now-open-air window, which was what he immediately went to. To his joy, he found that it was actually the part where the engine was. Whatever was left of it at least. His satchel produced a set of tools that he started using, taking apart this and that, inspecting the machine with a trained eye. While Derek looked as if he was, at the oldest, 14, his 20 year old brain knew what it was doing with the trashed parts that he pulled off. Once in a while, he smirked, taking one thing and putting it away in his bag, before removing still more. And, eventually, he ended up with a few satisfactory parts, replacing everything back where he had taken it apart from, wiping each one of fingerprints as he did so.

Outside felt even more hectic as more and more people flocked to see what was going on. Instead of going out the front, he again went through the back, taking the alley around a few more buildings before taking a fire escape to the top of a roof to better survey his metal treasures. Surprisingly, the oil pump had survived, as had the piston and push rod. The crank shaft was... adequate, though if the bike had rolled a bit more, it might have been down for the count. Along with this, he had gathered an exhaust tube that would need some scrapes buffed out and fixed, and the brake pedal, which would need the same treatment. The rest wasn't salvageable. His personal diagnosis of the bike was that it was completely and utterly totaled. Not that it was worth anything anyways. Sliding down the ladder, he returned to walking down the sidewalk, listening to the soft clanking of metal within his bag as he did so. It hadn't been a total waste of a day after all, really.

"Car designers are just going to have to come up with an automobile that outlasts the payments. Assuming you can make a payment on it before I take it apart."

Gustav Bulat
The Strong Arm

The feeling of a rumble in his stomach reminded the massive Russian that he had yet to eat anything today. All of the commotion with him waking up to the sound of gunshots this morning had thrown off his normal schedule slightly, and evidently he had forgotten to grab anything before walking out of his apartment. Not that it was a big deal, really. He could always go find something, since there was no shortage of restaurants within a city. It was only difficult when he wanted some authentic Russian food. Difficult enough that he had to often go buy the ingredients himself and make whatever he wanted, thanking the inventor of the internet that recipes were readily available to him though technological means. He was a bachelor, but that didn't mean he couldn't cook when he really needed to. Though he would always choose to eat outside of the house than eat inside, when his tastebuds gave him that option.

Today, they did just that. He found himself walking around, perusing the different buildings that exclaimed the foods that they had inside, each seemingly trying to upstage the next, which almost blinded him to whatever it was that they were advertising, as he wasn't used to the colors and neon like he should be. The back of his mind complained that buildings that looked like these were usually strip clubs or boobie bars in his home town. Here, flashing lights and colors seemed to be the norm.

Eventually, however, his eye caught sight of a restaurant that didn't appear to be overly advertising itself to the people on the streets. It was small, like it was family owned, which Gustav immediately was drawn to. It was like home, really. Little family owned businesses and things like that. Even if the place was a Chinese restaurant. Which was quite foreign to his old home, though not foreign to himself. He had tried Chinese before, since it was one of the few things that he could order to his apartment, other than pizza or that sub sandwich place down the street. Sliding up to the window, he waited behind some other Chinese man, who apparently was waiting on his food to get to the window. The only problem, Gustav realized, would be communicating with the owners of this place. He didn't have the best English, nor did he know how to even begin speaking Chinese. The whole language was just one big cluster fuck to him.

PostPosted on Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:00 am

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ѕтαmρ σn тнє grσυnᴅ
נυmρ, נυmρ, נυmρ, נυmρ,
mσνιn' αʟʟ αrσυnᴅ
ωє'rє נυmριn' αʟʟ αrσυnᴅ

After being stared at with an arched eyebrow, Antonio was pretty sure that the woman was going to decline his invitation and walk away, or maybe she could’ve thought that he was hitting on her and decided to flat out reject him (though, if he wasn’t under this rather smelly circumstance, he most likely wouldn’t mind making an attempt to hit on her. The girl didn’t look bad at all!). Hell, maybe she was as short-tempered as that chick that worked at that one cafe across the street from the pizzeria — but if that were the case, then the brunette over here would have probably punched him in the gut by now or something. Regardless, Antonio inwardly shrugged. He just met this woman, so he wouldn’t really know what her reactions would be yet.

The woman appeared to have accepted his invitation as he noticed her following him into the apartment. However, this wasn’t without threatening him with something to worry about other than garbage. This caused the blond to chuckle lightly in response.

”You’re a little feisty, aren’t cha?” said Antonio, not really expecting an answer as he began to climb up a flight of stairs. ”Or... Paranoid, maybe?” He thought it was most likely the latter, but wouldn’t she have declined his invitation if she really was paranoid? She didn’t come off as someone like that though. If anything, she just seemed a bit cautious, unlike most of the broads that get kidnapped and/or raped in the city’s streets.

”My name’s Toni D’Angeli... Y’know, in case I actually do try something funny, but I’ll try not to.” At least, he wouldn’t try anything funny yet, but it wasn’t the same type of “funny” the brunette was probably thinking of. After getting all of the garbage wrongly dumped on it, Antonio was in need of some type of revenge, but he wouldn’t do anything drastic — and he wouldn’t do anything yet. After having the trap set off on him, the girl was probably being careful with him since anyone could have tried to avenge themselves at this point. It was probably best to save that little idea of revenge for later.

Soon enough, the pair finally reached the room at the end of the second story hallway. Antonio didn’t bother taking out his keys as he could already hear someone unlocking the door from the other side. Swiftly, the blond turned the doorknob and swung it open as hard as he could, making sure to hit the person who was about to exit the apartment.

”You can come right in. The bathroom’s right over there — second door to the right.” Antonio told the girl as he entered the apartment, pointing over to where she needed to go. After that, he carefully removed his jacket as he made his way around the door, which he was pretty sure he just squashed his roommate with. Without any warnings, he tossed the jacket — slimy, garbage side down — on top of the other blond’s head.

”What’s up, Johnny, my man? I found someone that was looking for ya earlier.” Antonio placed a hand on top of the man’s jacket-covered head and pressed down, making sure to rub all of the nastiness that was on the jacket into the blond hair and face of his roommate’s. This was Antonio’s little revenge for being the one that had to get showered with garbage. It was sort of his way of saying, ”This was all your fault! You’re supposed to be the smelly one, not me! Now go be covered in garbage like you’re supposed to be!”

Image The apartment xxxxxxx Image Delilah & Johnny

PostPosted on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:25 pm

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Alice Delinksy
'In the memory you'll find me, eyes burning up.
The darkness holding me tightly, until the sun rises up'


Steady hands typed into the search bar; Vergrance City Police department. The rinky-dink little website appeared at the top of the search page where Alice clicked on the link, eyes fixated on the screen. Once the homepage had loaded, she maximized the window for an external hard drive and opened the programs (which she installed a mere five minutes earlier) that she would need to find the loophole in the website's firewall and control what was uploaded onto the front page. Around two minutes passed slowly. She used this time to stare at a photo, the one she planned on uploading onto the Vergrance city police department's front page.

A family man in his forties laid on a bed of needles that pierced into his body. Based on the photo, it was hard to tell whether he was alive or dead, but it was obvious that he'd lost a lot of blood. On the wall above him, in his blood, the words 'I am Justice' were messily written. The man's first sin was being a gambler who'd wasted away his kid's college funds. His second sin was muttering about his first sin on the city streets where Alice could overhear him. For a second, the girl pictured his children, who were unaware that their sinful father's corpse lay on a bed of needles in the basement of an apartment complex three blocks away from Alice's apartment.

This wasn't the first time she killed, and it wasn't going to be the last either. Her murders were chosen randomly between people she saw unfit for her version of a clean world. Her previous murders didn't make headlines, and the fact that she never announced them didn't help. When she realized this, and how some people might mistaken her work for one of those reaper's work, she knew that something had to be done. She wasn't one of those people; the reapers. They wanted to make the world a better place, just like she did, but they weren't doing it right. They were skipping far too many people and there was too many of them for the title of 'God' to be shared. She couldn't bare to be mistaken as one of them. She was more than they would ever be, she was the Grim Reaper. She was the real 'God'. She would be the one to punish the wicked.

Two beeps indicated that the programs had done their job, allowing Alice to access the website as if she were a police member who was logged on a genuine account. At the top of the police department's homepage, she uploaded the photo of the man. Underneath she typed; 'To Vergrance City. I am the Grim Reaper.' Once she saved the information onto the page, she logged out of the website, uninstalled and disconnected the programs she'd used and the external drive they were on, closed the window and turned off her computer. Her eyes lingered to the clock in her room that told her she was just in time. The girl skipped back to her bed and crawled underneath the covers before turning on the TV to watch cartoons. At that moment, she heard the apartment door open and the sound of her brother returning from work.

As Tate walked into the apartment, the first thing he heard was the TV on in Alice's room. There were dirty dishes and laundry to be washed along with a few other chores to be done, but he went to check up on Alice first. His sister looked away from the TV screen and smiled weakly as she spotted him standing at her doorway.
“H-How was your day?” She asked in a soft tone.
“Quiet. Nothing interesting in my district today. But I heard other parts of the city had a bit of excitement,” He answered, then; “How are you feeling?”
“I feel a little weaker than usual.. C-Can you help me out of bed.. Please?” She reached out to him. Tate moved immediately to help, pretty much carrying his sister out of the bed. She gripped onto his arm and leaned against him for support.

“I-I want to go outside today,” She announced as he helped her take a step. He stared at her in disbelief, but didn't dare deny his fragile sister of her wish. Instead, he sighed and tried to smile.
“I'll go prepare your wheelchair.”
He sat her back down on the bed before leaving the room. Alice's eyes lingered to her computer, or more specifically, the green light that indicated that the screen was still on. Quickly and quietly, she hurried over to press the button that would turn the screen off then returned to her position on the bed before Tate re-entered the room.

When he returned, he was out of his police uniform and in a more casual attire. Allowing her to use him as support, he guided her out of the apartment and down the two flights of stairs to the lobby. There, the wheelchair was ready and waiting for Alice. Tate sat his sister in the wheelchair, making sure she was comfortable before pushing her out of the building.

"Did you hurt someone today?" She asked casually, fully aware of her brother's anger management issues.
There was a moments silence, then; "Yes. He deserved it."
The girl disagreed with her brother's methods. When he wasn't trying too hard to be a goody toe-shoes under the law, he was doing a sloppy job of punishing the wicked. His only purpose in his sister's life, was to keep a roof over Alice's head and food on the table. Other than the basic necessities, Alice believed that he was unreliable for everything else. Rather than argue with her brother and ruin a perfectly good lifestyle, she nodded and smiled at his stupid decisions.


WHO: Tate xxxxxxxxxxx WHAT: Posting evidence online xxxxxxxxxxx WHERE: Apartment
WHOxxxxxxxxxxxxx -> Being pushed around in a wheelchair xxxxxx -> Vergrance city streets
Questing 100 different commenters o3o

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Hacking is like sex. You get in, you get out, and hope that you didn't leave something that can be traced back to you.

███████ ████████████ █████ █████████ ███████████

Johnny didn't have any time to react as the door swung up, hitting him smack dab in the face. It took so much not to let out a string of curse words that would make a sailor feel ashamed by his own vocabulary. The hacker just stumbled back and held his nose, rubbing it slightly before he felt something cover his head. He felt something drip down the side of his face it smelt...atrocious! Ughhhh!!!

What was worse was that Toni began to smoosh all the gunk in his hair. It was absolutely disgusting and he just wanted to smash Toni's face in but he manage to keep his cool while pretending to be disgusting and throwing the jacket off of him, frowning at Toni. "What the heck, Toni?! Jeez, I'm on my way and now I got to-"

Johnny's eyes fell upon the female and instantly, his thoughts were, 'I'd bang her right now if Toni wasn't here.'

Pulling himself back from innuendo thoughts, Johnny turned his attention back to his roommate. "Hey, bro. Who's the chickadee with you?" Johnny smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. It wasn't because he was embarrassed, just a front he had with normal people. Even Toni didn’t know what Johnny did for real, so he would pretend to be the nice guy. So he looked at Toni with mock-horror and gasped. "Don't tell me, she's a new girlfriend!"

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xxxxxxxDelilah SummersonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFirefox

Feisty. Sure. Whatever this guy wanted to think of her, he had no idea of the real her. Feisty was more... Blaire, really. Delilah considered herself to be the laid back one that could dispense threats she could follow through with. Blaire was the yell, threaten, curse at, And THEN follow through with said threats kind of person. Of course, this was all her own personal idea of her friend, and herself. And this guy didn't need to know any of that. If anything, Delilah wanted to keep Blaire as her back up weapon in case she needed to kick some blonde guys ass for trying to take advantage of her. Or deal with any roommates he may have.

She had been practically shoved in to the bathroom of this guy's apartment, once he slammed open the door against what she could only assume was an unlucky individual. Aside from the fact that it completely smelled like... Well, it could only be described as guy smell, if she was being honest. Which meant it smelled like cologne, body spray, deodorant, and that ever pervasive stank of BO underneath the aforementioned. Then again, at least it didn't smell like a gym locker room, which was better than some of the places she had been in.

As she washed her hands and arms, she couldn't help but listen to the brief conversation they seemed to be having, snorting quietly at the mention of her being the guys, Antonio he had called himself, new girlfriend. Unless he managed to pull off some fantastic, blood pumping stunt that had the possibility of getting himself killed in the process, he wasn't interesting enough for her to think of him as a candidate for a relationship with her. Come to think of it, he was almost too laid back, especially after she dumped that reeking pile of trash on him. Normal people overreacted to that kind of thing, usually, right? Then again, she probably wouldn't have acted any different, so she couldn't say much.
"As if either of you would hold my attention for any length of time..." she muttered to herself, drying her hands off on a towel.

As she mused, she wondered what Blaire had gone off and done after the whole bike incident. Hopefully she wasnt destroying anything, or anyone for that matter. Though it wouldn't surprise her. That was Blaire after all. Delilah was curious if they were still intending on going to that new place that had opened up though, since her bike was trashed. She always had the bike she used for jobs, but, Delilah didn't know if she wanted to be seen riding on that one or not since they were only going to do a look over of the place. Shrugging, she figured that Blaire would call if their plans changed, once she calmed down. Otherwise, she would just assume they were going to proceed as planned.

"Silence is exhilarating at first - as noise is - but there is a sweetness to silence outlasting exhilaration, akin to the sweetness of listening and the velvet of sleep."

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Hacking is like sex. You get in, you get out, and hope that you didn't leave something that can be traced back to you.

Johnny Ackerman
███████ ████████████ █████ █████████ ███████████

He was still pretty pissed as Toni was getting all kind of shit on him but it wasn't like he could do anything now. Maybe get mad and all kind of things, but not what he WANTED to do to the bastard right now. The most he could do is inflict a virus on the guy's computer or maybe send him some kind of spam to his phone. Especially in the middle of the night or at really bad times. Serves the guy right, for whatever reason he did what he did. Johnny wasn't exactly sure what it was, but Toni had gotten pissed about him doing...something. Had it been his bed mate from the previous night? Had that really been his fault though? And he had made sure that Toni didn't see the person. He was a man with needs and everything.

"Man, this stinks. I need to go wash off...AGAIN, before I head out." He shook his head, still disgusted. "Thanks a lot, man." Really, though. This was some nasty shit. What the hell was it? Some of it had gotten into his hair and some liquid had seeped down his back. God, it sucked and he almost felt the need shiver. Stupid bastard. He'd get him back somehow, someway. Johnny's roommate was not excluded him C@NT@B!LE's wrath. He'd feel it soon enough and not know what hit him.

Some dirty thoughts of being a little rough entered Johnny's mind but he shrugged them off. Another time, another day. Johnny knocked on the bathroom door, calling out. "Hey, I don't mean to rush you or anything, but I'm kind of wonderin' how long it'll take ya?" He would be civil only because that's how he was suppose to be but if he was given the choice, he'd tell the woman to hurry the fuck up.

Of course, he was Johnny Ackerman. Good son, nice brother, helpful friend, all that good stuff. Living a double life totally sucked balls sometimes.

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Thalia Grace
"Applause, applause, no wait wait
Dear studio audience, I've an announcement to make:
It seems the artists these days are not who you think
So we'll pick back up on that on another page"

Thalia slowly made her way to the park, being sure to keep an eye out for anybody she might pickpocket on the way. She was able to snag a fistful of one and five dollar bills from some jerk in a business suit who knocked into her while she wasn't paying attention. After he walked away, she made sure to double-check her pockets to make sure he hadn't pickpocketed her when he knocked her over. Thalia was always careful not to let other people take advantage of her small size by thinking she was an easy target, but she could never be too careful in this city. When she stopped, she got the pleasure of watching some blonde guy get garbage dumped on his head, but she didn't stick around long, in case he got pissed and thought it was her that set up the trap above his head. Walking quickly now, Thalia began to wonder who would be at the park at this time of day. All the school-age prissy rich kids would be in their prep schools, so her best bet were some delinquents cutting school and hanging around in the park.

Once she was in the park, Thalia began to wander around, scoping out anyone who might have a good amount of cash on them. She started to go after a very tall, lanky guy in baggy jeans and a football jersey that was obviously too big for him. Starting from behind a tree, she ran towards him, acting like she wasn't watching where she was going. Thalia smacked into him with the side of her shoulder, knocking him off-balance for just long enough that she could reach her hand into his back pocket and swipe his wallet. She feigned falling on the ground and used one hand to sneak some cash out of the wallet before casually tossing it aside while the delinquent was still surprised. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" He yelled, glaring at her and grabbing his wallet off the ground, storming off to smoke a cigarette.

As she was counting the cash she'd got from him, around $35, she witnessed some kid getting knocked down by a girl on a swingset. Today must be my lucky day... She thought, running over and looking concerned. "Hey kid, are you alright?" She asked the guy on the ground, but he appeared unconscious. Perfect, now let's see where his wallet is... She placed a hand on his jacket pocket and leaned her head down so it looked like she was checking his breathing. She felt a wallet in her hand and it took conscious effort not to grin when she pulled it out and glanced at it. Snakeskin! Thalia decided she'd just keep that to sell at a pawn shop for a little extra cash, sure the dazed kid would think his wallet just flew out of his pocket when he was knocked over. Her job done, she shook the kid's shoulders gently. "Hey kid, wake up, someone's gonna step right on you if you don't move!" She said. It didn't appear to work, so Thalia pulled her water bottle out of her jacket pocket, slipping the snakeskin wallet in at the same time. Opening the bottle, she poured some on the kid's face, hoping the water combined with the chill in the air would wake the unconscious kid up.

"Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention
I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives"

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Flipping through more pages he started to notice that most of the girls in the magazine were the same. Big fake breast, fake ass, fake lips, fake face, fake everything. He sighed and started wondering if the companies who sell this stuff actually think having a fake everything is appealing. The magazine before, had normal looking women, girls that one would see on the streets but very attractive at that. All this fake stuff was not in Ivon’s liking. These companies would make more money if they had natural beauty girls. Fake boobs and everything else is overrated.

He put the magazine down still carrying all of the groceries he planned on buying. He then picked up another one that appealed to him. This one had average looking girls in it and he smiled and flipped through the pages.

Ivon ripped one of those subscription papers from the magazine and put it in his back pocket. If they ever caught him stealing them he would just bring up the It’s because I am horny isn’t it? Excuse. After putting the subscription papers in his pocket, he continued reading one of the magazines he had in his other hand. “Yeah these girls are much better, more realistic and just my taste. Very nice…” Ivon felt someone bump into him and the bottles of alcohol dropped on the floor shattering them.

“I am so sorry!” He heard as he watched the alcohol pour on the floor and the glass was completely scattered.

Ivon looked at the bottles that had broken for a few seconds. Someone called from an isle or so over. “Is everything alright over there? What dropped?” He yelled. A male employee who worked at the supermarket saw the broken bottles on the floor. He used his microphone-speaker and asked for a mop and broom right away. “Sir, are you and your girlfriend alright? This thing happens all the time you do not have to pay for anything. In fact…”

Girlfriend…? Ivon thought as he turned around facing the green haired woman while the employee was ranting about safety procedures and what not. “I am perfectly fine, what about you Ms. are you alright?” He noticed her green hair right away then her green-yellow eyes. Very stunning he thought as his eyes wandered around the girls’ features. He did not look at her in a perverted way, he just liked natural beauty. Her face appeared to be very soft, small yet noticeable lips and she had a nice body frame. Her green hair and green-yellow eyes made him question if they were real or not. They sure did look like the real deal. He smiled. “I am sorry for standing out in the middle of the isle. It is my fault.”

"Nice uh...choice." She said. He cocked his head a little then noticed he was still holding onto the porn magazine. He gave an oh shit Face then laughed. “Yeah, I was just looking and I got distracted. You know how it is with men? Haha…” He put the magazine back in a random spot of the magazine section. He wondered how the bottles of alcohol managed to slip from his hands yet the magazine remained in his hand. Laughing once more Ivon realized that his male instincts told him to hold onto that magazine no matter what. Or…something like that.

"So, what about your magazine? Are you into fashion? I know bright colors would look good on your skin tone. I think pale skin goes great with greens, pinks, light blues. Anything light would look good. For example the outfit on page forty-two would look good on you. It may be simple, but it is elegant at the same time. You can always spice it up with a little jewelry. Now if you're not the jewelry type of girl. No worries. You can always have other accessories or not. You are a pretty girl, you would not need much to stand out." He smiled again pointing to a few of the outfits on the page.

Ivon never really read fashion magazines, but he was fresh on all the new trends, designs, styles, etc. After all his uncle is a fashion designer who loved to dress Ivon up as a teenager. Oh how he liked yet hated when he was told to go over his house. His uncle would put him in male clothes of course, but sometimes...things got a little cross dressy. Since Ivon is tall he was the perfect fit instead of his uncle hiring models all the time.

"Oh...I am sorry, was I rambling? I apologize, I do not do that often I just you know..." He stopped because in reality he really wanted to change the subject of him having a porn magazine in his hands.


Who: Hannah .....What: Green hair..... Where: Supermarket Magazine section.....

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Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch!

Hannah Wordsworth

Hannah stepped back, slipping for a moment on the mess she had made. As she regained balance, she blushed a little and watched as the liquor pooled and spread a little more. Hearing a voice yelling from just around the corner, Hannah half expected the guy to start yelling his head off, but she had to admit that it was a pleasant surprise to find out that this sort of thing happened often. Couldn't be a selling point for th company, but it was good to know.

Wait, girlfriend? Hannah's eyes widened in surprise for a moment. She glanced over at the magazine the man was holding, a picture of a scantily clad woman with large boobs staring back at her from the cover. Goodness, there was no way she could ever be this stranger's girlfriend. From what she could see, she just wasn't his type. “I am perfectly fine, what about you Ms. are you alright?”Hannah watched as he looked her over. She didn't mind, since more often then not, everyone stared at her because of her hair and eye color. They were unique, and completely natural. Strange, yes, but she loved it.

She knew he must be thinking that her eyes were simply the effects of some sort of contacts and that she must have dyed her hair or it had been the result of a bad dye job. It didn't matter. Hannah nodded in response to his question, blushing a little. It had been her own fault, but since he was willing to take the fall for it, then she wouldn't push the matter. She started to laugh at the look on his face, having been caught with the porn mag still in hand. “Yeah, I know how men are, usually everything they think of leads to one thing. Those.” She nodded toward the woman on the front of the mag, pointing to the two very large boobs on the front. Now that he had put the magazine back on the shelf, she could see that the woman was indeed very well endowed.

Hannah blinked in surprise, staring at the man before her with her mouth hanging open a little bit. Was this guy for real? What were the odds that a man who looked like him would know anything at all about fashion? Though, it was a compliment, she had to admit, that he would take the time to say what he thought would look nice on her. Though Toni was cool, Hannah didn't think he would bother being so in depth with his opinions about her clothing choices. The last little bit of what he had said caught her attention. "You are a pretty girl, you would not need much to stand out." Hannah started to laugh, shaking her head lightly.

"Sir, when you have hair and eyes the same color as mine, it's pretty easy to stand out. One doesn't get lost in a crowd for very long when you have green hair like this. But thank you very much. The outfits you showed me are indeed very lovely. I'm not much for fashion, but I do like to look and keep up with it as much as I can." Now she was the one who was rambling on a little bit. She smiled and looked back down at the pictures he had pointed out. It was odd that he knew so much about fashion, but it was...refreshing.


Who: Ivon | What: talking | Where: supermarket

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Family quarrels where violence prevails,
Faces of young children filled with fear.
I won't go into the gory horrible details,
But it is that the very same Cop that is called do you hear?

_____________Gabriel Raine_____________

Who Kaz and Thalia (and Sammantha?) What Ready to get her anger on! Where Dogwood Park

She didn’t have a lick of an idea of what happened. One minute, there she was just casually walking along after that old coot excused himself to go somewhere—probably take a ride in his fancy jet to Hawaii—and the next, she’s being flung around by some overexcited kid! She shouted in surprise as he began to spin around, her body almost completely parallel to the ground from the sheer speed he twirled her at. Briefly she wondered if this was some guy that she had put away a long time ago and he had come back to exact his revenge on her somehow, but the voice sounded too high and full of relief to possibly be any criminal that she knew of. Any other time, she’d be wondering if it was the constant—err ‘things’—that go on in prison that made his voice sound so high but she realized that the he was going on about her being alive or something. Gabriel couldn’t tell, her ears were starting to ring, her head was getting hazy and it appeared that Moses was parting her stomach because she felt such a wave of nausea bubbling up in her body. Finally, when she felt as though she was going to hurl last night’s dinner all over the place, the person set her down and held her by the shoulders at arm’s length as if he was inspecting her and that’s when, through the blurring of her eyes and skewed sunglasses, she saw who it was.

Oh, shit…

It was the newbie…

It was Kaz… And he was beginning to talk nonsense about her being injured or something. She wasn’t sure; she didn’t even know which one to look at! The world was spinning and many feelings were running rampant in her. The feeling of fury, of anger, of pure downright loathing! The feeling of nausea from being spun, the feeling of self-loathing at being caught off guard so easily, the feeling of depression from letting that black-haired little vixen get away, and the feeling of bewilderment at the situation. She was becoming a ticking time bomb and it wasn’t known whether she was going to vomit all over Kaz’s fancy-ass shoes over if she was going to come to her senses in a split second and punch him in the gut.

Before Gabriel could decide which she was going to do first, a look of utter concern came across the kid’s face and suddenly, she found herself being jerked through the park by her arm with the newbie blathering on about her being injured. Injured? What injuries? Nothing had happened to her other than having some damn kid decide to treat her like a ragdoll! If there was to be any sort of injury—any at all—it would be a dislocated shoulder on her part and heavily bleeding wounds on Kaz’s part after she regained sense of her own wellbeing and cut off his legs to glue them on top of his head! For a moment, she tried to dig her heels into the ground to get him to stop but in her dazed state, she could only stumble around behind him as he had her arm in an iron grip. Damn he sure was strong!

After what seemed like so long but really was only a few moments, Kaz was quickly knocked to the ground by a girl on a swing-set. His hand quickly left her arm and she took that opportunity to pick herself off the ground after tripping over some child’s ball and try to straighten herself out. Her head was beginning to pound and her shoulder was aching, her vision blurry and her balance uneven. Then another wave of nausea came over her and she face turned a shade of green the same color as her tank-top. Quickly, forgetting about Kaz and the silver-haired woman, she staggered to behind a tree and proceeded in emptying the contents of her stomach onto its poor, unsuspecting roots.

With a few more coughs and her stomach completely void of everything she had eaten in the past twelve hours, she pressed her forehead against the cool wood, savoring the nice breeze that blew through the city as it cooled her warm face. In that time, she took it upon herself to go through what had just transpired moments before. So Kaz, the newest addition to the force and her ‘protégé’ as the liked to refer to him as while laughing at her misfortune, had found her and took it upon himself to greet her like a lonely dog happy to see its owner. It took Gab a couple of minutes to remember what he was screaming his fool’s head off about, but she finally concurred that he was worried that she was in a freak accident and left the hospital or something to that effect. At the realization that he had assumed that she were dumb enough to get hurt, Gab became angry. Really, really fucking angry! Angry that she was thought of as so easily hurt and that she would be laid up in some hospital bad for some small accident! Didn’t this kid know anything!? Did he just think that, just because she was a woman, that she would let herself become another victim of this city!? She didn’t think so!

Balling her fists in such fury, she briefly also noted that her sunglasses seemed to have vanish in the chaos of the past moments. That was almost enough to send her into a blind fury. Those glasses had belonged to her father and that rat had gone and made her lose them! Gritting her teeth at the stupidity that was Kaz, Gabriel quickly stood up straight, fighting the urge to stagger as her head began to reel. This was no time to be weak!

Marching from behind the tree, she went straight over to where Kaz lay, completely ignoring the woman that had begun to spill water all over his face. Pulling her foot back, she released a feeble kick to the kid’s ribs, ”Get up and explain your bullshit to me! This is no time to be playing in the dirt!”

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We live in a cold dark world with venom in it's fangs.
You can spit it in my face but I know I'll be ok
It's on the attack. It's a war, It's a game.
A ball and chain chew my arm off to get away
Don't fight, or it deny it, invite it cause when it ..


Sammantha Drew De' Chevile
'Silver Raven'

[Thief] Sammantha feeling a bit confused and a little left out watched as a girl came running over to help the boy that had fallen to the ground. This made Sammantha suspicious but in the end if this girl was going to help the boy then Sam didn't really need to be there. She assessed a little further, then made her decision to stay when the girl with the glasses poured water on him. Sam tried her very hardest not to laugh. That was certainly one way to get someone up. She wandered briefly where the girl that was with the boy had took off to-- oh, there she was. Sam watched as the lady came back. She seemed pretty badly injured, though it wasn't from bumping into Sam.

[Thief] Sam watched as the lady came a kicked the boy in the ribs. Wow, this boy was having some bad luck with the ladies. First he runs into me, then he gets water poured on him, and kicked in the ribs. It was a pathetic little kick but it was still a kick. She shook her head in amusement, no this was really interesting. At least now she had something to do! She said softly and kindly, "I don't think that pouring water on him or kicking his ribs will make him happy." Sam decided that she would play the nice girl this time. It always helped her get some play mates.

[Thief] Her greens eyes looked at the girls who were messing with the boy who was one the ground. The injured girl seemed a little off kilter, while the girl with the glasses seems to be overly-polite but cruel at the same time. The boy on the other hand seemed like he was an idiot. She stole a look at the boy, though he was sorta cute in that 'I'm-an-idiot' kind of way. She bent down once again and stuck out her hand for the boy, "You okay?" This time for sure she was going to make them stay. Sam was not going to be bored anymore. She stilled had the day to go before she could get to the job. Her schedule was also empty of modeling jobs so her boredom was on a level that always made her hang out with the craziest people she has ever met.

[Thief] Sam looked up at the two girls, then back at the boy. Wandering like crazy what they were all doing here. From the ranting of the boy that had collided into her and the way the girl was injured, that he was trying to get her to a hospital. Though why they would be going through the park was a question that Sam really didn't care for. While the four-eyed girl seemed to be just hanging about at the park. From what Sam has experienced in the past meetings like this, this only happens when something bad is about to happen. Maybe this was an omen, telling her that the job she was about to sign up for was going to end badly... Then again it might not!

I gotta say thanks cause you kick me when I'm down
I'm bleeding out the mouth.
I hope you know I'm stronger now.
I'm taking the hate, I'm turning it all around.
"You stupid incompetent sons of b***hes!
don't make mistakes! I am death! You hear me? I AM DEATH!"
~The Tommy Killer

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLexi 'The Prize' LeShawn

Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind.

Lexi stretched out her arms above her head, reclining back in to her secretary chair to stare at the ceiling momentarily. She had been working on case files since early that morning, and was rather bored by now. Granted, she had found some things to entertain her along the way. Johnathan from the run-of-the-mill street sweeper officers had been having an affair with his wife for the past six months. Stupid bitch probably didn't even know that, either. There was definitely some possibility of blackmail in there. If she was careful. Mark, a cop forever assigned to desk duty (poor guy), had been involved with some... less than savory affiliations in the past. How he got on the force, she didn't know. Probably pulled some strings with someone or another. With a sign, Lexi turned her attention from her paperwork discoveries back to the last case she had to work on.

Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she felt her ample breasts jiggle slightly from the motion. To say she was well endowed would be an understatement. Lexi considered herself to be 'the luckiest damn woman in the world'. Really, who wouldn't want this body? It was gorgeous. And all natural, too. Leaning forward to ready herself to type up the follow-up report that had been given to her made her boobs create even more cleavage (if that was possible) than there was before, popping up slightly in her low cut shirt. Why low cut? Because she used it. All. The. Time. If she were to actually think about it, there probably wasn't a non-low cut shirt in her wardrobe, which was saying something. Her wardrobe was massive. But, why hide something when you've got it, right? Besides, it gave her extra cash. Evidence of this was plain to see on her desk space. Little teddy bears with hearts in their hands, notes that she had propped up because the cover was pretty, not to mention the plethora of little figurines of things that the men on the force had given to her in an attempt to win her affections. All of which had been ignored.

There was a reason that people in the office nicknamed her 'The Prize' after all. In her years working as an office secretary, no one had managed to get her number or go out on a date with her, and she was glad of that. Of course, she flirted back. But never committed to anyone. As a younger officer passed by her desk, she looked up at him through her lashes and gave him her signature smile, before looking away after a few seconds. That was always how she reeled them in. And then there were gifts waiting for her when she got to work. Some men... Honestly. They would go out and buy her the most ridiculous things, in order to get her on a date. It was sad, sometimes, even. She was glad that their boss was... well. She didn't need to explain that. As long as he wasn't hitting on her too, she was good. It would have been a bitch trying to weasel out of sleeping with the boss, had he been in to women.

Back to her case, however. She finished submitting the report, and re-read the entire case after saving it to the police database. Something about a couple of people getting shot from earlier that day. The two officers on the scene found two people bleeding... blah blah blah... Lexi grew bored of the details, resting her chin delicately on the back of her hand as she sat reading. Kaz, of course, was there. He was so... juvenile. At least, that's how he appeared to her. Oblivious to the fact that there were corrupt people on the force like herself... Poor kid. She scrolled to find the name of other people there, stopping on Gabriel Raine's name. She didn't recognize it, so she pulled up the file on them, or, rather her. Lexi gave a mental nod of approval for the way Ms. Raine looked. A little rugged, but still clearly feminine in some aspects. Just how she liked it. Reading the file, she figured out why she didn't recognize the name at first. Gabriel was known as Gab around the water cooler. No wonder I didn't know it... She felt a little bit of irritation that she didn't know that. It was part of her job. Closing out of the case files, she rubbed her temples a little before stretching again.

It had been one of those days... Coupled with the usual crime in the city, and that image from earlier on the computers... She needed a drink.

Beauty is a tyranny.


Mongoose wrote:
Wait, I have to pay you to kill me? And wait in lines?

This is the suckiest -albeit most efficient - doom ever.

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ωнσ cαɾєѕ, ᴅιvιnє ιnтєɾvєnтισn
ι ωαnnα вє ρɾαιѕєᴅ ғɾσm α nєω ρєɾѕρєcтιvє
вυт ʟєαvιnɢ nσω ωσυʟᴅ вє α ɢσσᴅ ιᴅєα
ѕσ cαтcн mє υρ σn ɢєттιnɢ συт σғ нєɾє

xx Kazmer Pierson xxxxx

Luckily, Kazmer didn’t take any injuries to his head during the collision, so he was still fully conscious after his body hit the ground. He was, however, stunned since everything happened so fast. He never expected to get owned by some kid on a swing set... But he should expect things like that by now. After all, he had a little sister that tended to put him in a choke hold if he hugged her too tight or something. Most of the time though, she would order her personal butler or maid to do that. But that never kept Kazmer away from his younger sister. It was cute when she was angry.

Anyway, change the subject about Kazmer’s little sister (who he totally dotes over). The slight shock of getting kicked to the ground jumbled up the boy’s mind a little. He wasn’t even aware of the presences beside him until he felt someone shaking his shoulder. He managed to straighten out his head at this point before he recognized one of the girls that were kneeling beside him.

”Hey!! You’re—!” SPLASH

The boy barely got a sentence out when he was suddenly attacked by a mini waterfall. He shot up as the water went up his nostrils, and coughed since he choked on the water that managed to go down the wrong pipe in his throat. However, not only did he nearly drown right then and there, but his dear and loving partner in justice wandered back from who knows where and decided it was a good idea to kick him in the ribs in one of his more vulnerable moments. Kazmer winced at the attack. Even though it would be considered a light kick, he was somewhat of a fragile guy. He was also kicked in the same exact place where the girl on the swing set had collided into him. Maaan! He was just getting beaten up today, wasn’t he?

After rubbing his aching abdomen, the male looked up at his new attacker. Despite Gabriel looking rather irritated, Kazmer sprung to his feet to greet her happily as water droplets flew from the ends of his hair.

”Miss Raine! There you are!” the boy exclaimed as he gave the female brunette a big, wet hug. He seemed to have already forgotten about being panicked earlier. However, when Kazmer finally released her from his grip, he noticed something and frowned. ”Wow, you look kind of green. Are you feeling alright?”

Who: Sam | Thalia | Gab xxxxxxx What: Chatting xxxxxxx Where: Dogwood Park

ιт'ѕ nσт ғαιɾ, ᴊυѕт ʟєт mє ρєɾғєcт ιт
ᴅσn'т ωαnnα ʟιvє α ʟιғє тнαт ωαѕ cσmρɾєнєnѕιvє
'cαυѕє ѕєєιnɢ cʟєαɾ ωσυʟᴅ вє α вαᴅ ιᴅєα
nσω cαтcн mє υρ σn ɢєттιnɢ συт σғ нєɾє

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I see you’re a king who’s been dethroned
Cast out in a world you’ve never known
Stand down, place your weapons by your side
It’s our war, in the end we’ll surely lose but that’s alright



Who Ivon & Hannah XXXXXX What Creeping XXXXXXWhere Store

”The assailants are not known at this point. Police are still on the lookout and advise everyone out there to report anything they may have seen or heard about the attack. I’m Trisha Hannigton and join me again at 11 for a recap of today’s events.” Blue eyes blinked lazily as the news show transferred over to some cereal commercial with some irritating jingle. Huffing a sigh through her nose, Adrianna picked up the remote control off the counter and flipped through the stations to find something a little more stimulating. Unfortunately, all that was on was some cartoons and some Spanish learning channel. The store didn’t have cable or satellite so there wasn’t much to watch but some local programs. Finally, she just turned the set off and placed the remote next to her as she proceeded to lean against the counter and stare vacantly at her surroundings.

Adrianna, though she was mostly known by her ‘friends’ as Miss Blue Hair for, well, her hair being blue, changed her position and reclined back on the stool she sat upon and pressed her back into the poster on the wall that displayed a woman wearing her birthday suit posed next to a giant banana with some erotic slogan. The day seemed to go by slower and slower and only a few customers popped in and out once in a while. That was pretty normal, so normal that it became rather odd to see more than a few people in the store at a time. It was always like that since the shop sat in a rather seedy part of town. People were mostly hanging out, getting drunk and causing fights in the street. She always wondered what the hell was so wrong with the city that they never sent down any patrol vehicles to look after the area. Then again, that probably wouldn’t be good. The police force here was just as bad, maybe worse because they were idiots with power over the common folk.
” ‘Ey, Bluey! Yer shifts up. Get yer shit an’ get out.” Adrianna broke from her bored musings and shifted her gaze to the man who shouted at her, a greasy bald man in ratty shorts and an old wife beater. She wouldn’t put it past him if he was the type to beat his woman and sell crack from door to door in the apartment that sat over the store. Waving a dainty hand to let the bastard know that she heard him, the man grumbled something about freaks and weirdoes before waddling into the back room to probably give it another jerk before the person who was supposed to take over her shift came in. Sighing through her nose, Adrianna took out her employee’s card and swiped it in the punch-out that sat on the cupboard behind the desk before placing it away in her shirt’s pocket and standing up. She never took much to her with work-why would she? She lived just down the road from the hellhole she worked in-but that didn’t stop her from driving a car to work every day. She disliked having to walk through the throngs of people that crowded the streets 24/7.

Standing up and enjoying the feeling of stretching her legs after sitting for who-knows-how-long, she waltzed right out the door, giving a nod to the person who was just coming in whom she knew was the next poor soul to sit inside an empty store for the next six hours. Why she chose to work there was beyond her but if it was what paid the bills then she was fine. Skirting around some people who decided to take up residence on the stoop of the dirty store, she wandered down the road a little into the parking lot that she stowed her vehicle in which was simply a powder blue 1965 Chevy impala. It was an old ass car but it was built like a tank, and guzzled gas like it was water. Climbing into the car, she began wondering what she would want for dinner. Knowing that the cabinets in her room were absolutely bare now, she would have to stop by the grocery store to pick something up. Goody…

Starting up the car, she drove out into the traffic, which was moving rather quick but she didn’t complain. It was better than a 17 hour traffic jam of looky-loos who decided to stand in the street for who-knows-why. But something made her slow as soon as she got on a certain road. She hasn’t had contact with her little ‘friends’ for a short while and she knew that she was in an area where she knew one to live. Taking it a little slower, she thanked whatever made the drivers stay off the roads today so she didn’t end up causing a back-up and checked the windows of an apartment of she was starting to pass by. Where was it that he lived? Was it… Yes, it was that one! The very far window at the end of what would be the second floor of the building, and it was luckily open. Quickly reaching down behind her seat, she grabbed the first thing she could fine. It was a Pepto-Bismol pink phallus, one of the many she kept in a box in her car. It was her misfortune to be the one to get all the defects from the store she worked at and she never remembered to take them into her house. But at least they had some sort of good use now as she scribbled a single word up the side of it, Injustice, and rolled down her window. It was times like this that she thanked the fact that she had amazing aim because as she made a pass by the apartment, she lobbed the thing as hard as she could and watched as it spun through the air and right into the window of his room. It probably helped that those things were pretty aerodynamic. She didn’t worry about what he’d think she meant by the single-word message; he was smart, he would figure it out… Hopefully…

Now that that was done, she sped up her car and started for the store. She wanted to pick up some things for dinner before she went home to watch reruns of her favorite soap operas. Charlene was in the hospital and they were about to reveal how her plastic surgery went to become the most authentic looking Barbie in the world and she certainly didn’t want to miss that.
It didn’t take long to get to her destination and she parked her car in the spot closest to the door. Getting out, she didn’t bother to lock her cars door before she walked in. Sushi sounded good tonight… As she pondered over some seaweed rolls, she heard some sort of commotion coming from the side where the liquor hid. Did some idiot try to take some from the bottom stack? It was then that she heard some distinguishing voices, one she heard once or twice and another she knew a little more on the familiar scale. Swiping up a random variety pack, she wandered down where she heard the voices. She noted, with disdain, the strong scent of alcohol and the people standing in it like it wasn’t there. One was a tall man with jet black-hair that she knew to be a real troublemaker and the other was a woman with noticeably bright green hair that Adrianna was slightly more acquainted with. Clutching her dinner, she silently walked right up behind Hannah and waited for the two to take notice of her presence.


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Family quarrels where violence prevails,
Faces of young children filled with fear.
I won't go into the gory horrible details,
But it is that the very same Cop that is called do you hear?

_____________Gabriel Raine_____________

Who LexiXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWhat Openly oggling things XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Where Vergrance Police Station

Gabriel staggered a little, her head still swimming to catch up with her but at least most of her nausea had subsided. Watching as the two other girls swarmed her poor partner, she felt little to no care that the poor bastard was being swarmed like he was a rotting, dead carcass by two giant vultures. Why they even cared was beyond her and she was tempted to just take that opportunity to leave him and head back to the station for a check-in but, unfortunately, her conscious kicked her in the butt and told her to help the idiot. That and she didn’t want her superior to spew rage glitter all over her face for leaving a fellow officer down. Sometimes she wondered why she was still on the force but that would be something to ponder next time. Right now, she was getting annoyed that these girls were hanging around and preventing her from dragging the retard behind the nearest building and throwing him to a knife gang. Actually, that sounded like a good idea. Maybe it’d toughen his wimpy ass up so he would be more inclined to just quit and go home to where he was pampered day in and day out like the princess he was.

”Listen shit-fer-brains—“ She didn’t even get to finish her insult. Why? Because Kaz had sprung to his feet and was smothering her in a soggy hug, rambling about something or other again. Oh for the love of—couldn’t this kid just take a hint that she wanted to rip his arms off and shove them in his mouth!? As she was contemplating biting the kids shoulder and hopefully taking out a huge chunk of skin, Kaz finally let go. His look of concern only seemed to fuel the fire of hatred she harbored for him within the pit of her stomach. Glaring at him with steely eyes, she spoke through clenched teeth, her voice grating her throat as it came out lowly with a tone that would scare anyone less idiotic away. ”I’m fine.” Curling her lip in a tight sneer, she turned abruptly on her heel, staggering lightly as her head protested the sudden movement. ”I’m heading back to the station for a check-in. Don’t bother following me unless you found my sunglasses and don’t get your skinny fucking ass in trouble because I won’t come running to save you.” With that she cast a dark side-glance at the two briefly forgotten women, letting a low growl escape her chest at them before she proceeded to march back in the direction she came. Maybe if she found her beloved sunglasses on the way, she could sneakily pick them up and leave Kaz to run wild all over the city trying to find them. Oh, that would be the best day ever!

Unfortunately, nothing ever goes the way she wants and she soon found herself walking up the steps into the police station. Too bad, her trigger finger had been really itching for something to shoot and the one time the city decides to stay quiet, she gets the biggest urge to just chase some bastard down and riddle them with bullet holes. She wished her superior would get it through his gay head that she was not a team person. She worked better alone and it made it easier to actually chase down whoever she’s hunting because she didn’t have to worry about extra baggage falling behind. If only the kid was something like a secretary or followed the boss around like a lost pup, things would be better. And Kazmer wouldn’t be in constant danger of her just losing it and breaking his neck.

Grumbling to herself, she gruffly pushed the double doors open, skulking through them like she was in some badass Western movie and everything stops to turn and look at her like they knew there was something bad with this hombre. But nope, that didn’t happen and she was glad it didn’t. She hated having so many eyes on her at once, it made her edgy. Scanning the office with her eyes, her eyes landed upon many things. Several people at work, a couple of people hanging by the water cooler, a nice pair of boobs, couple of other officers vacantly staring at the ceiling—Woah! Wait! Back up! Gabriel quickly back tracked, looking back towards the voluptuous pair of breasts that drew her away from her former rage and sent her mind reeling into a sort of infatuation that she never felt before. Tearing her eyes from the nearly exposed breasts and placed them on the face of the woman fortunate to own them. She was clearly a natural beauty with light blond hair and bright blue eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses that only seemed to accentuate her looks. Yeah, this woman was downright gorgeous! And… Gab wanted a piece of that. Straightening her coat and pushing back and stray hairs on her head, she mentally cursed Kaz for making her lose her sunglasses. Oh well, she’d just have to make do.

Cooly walking up towards the woman’s desk, the thought that the woman wasn’t even into Gab’s side of spectrum didn’t cross her mind before she leaned on hand on her desk and gave her that special sort of contorted side-grin that only Gabriel could manage, her eyes immediately going down to goggle at the woman’s boobs. ”Wassup? You look like you could use a little pick-me-up.” Yeah, Gab was one smooth chick.

I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.
Here. Do something for me.


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